Our EV plan

We continue to implement a range of initiatives to both meet the needs of an emerging market of electric vehicle (EV) owners and prepare our networks and business for the potential challenges, and exciting opportunities, that EVs and their charging create.

Network Electric Vehicles Tactical Plan 2023

There are 13 tactics outlined in our latest Network Electric Vehicles Tactical Plan:

  1. Implement mechanisms to identify EV charging clusters and analyse charging profiles
  2. Enhance network monitoring in areas of high EV penetration and integrate insights into strategic network planning
  3. Develop an EV data ecosystem
  4. Explore and articulate the challenges of EV charging in fringe-of-grid and isolated communities
  5. Evolve public charging station network connection processes
  6. Understand and respond to the charging needs of EV customer groups
  7. Support Vehicle-to-Grid, particularly as an element of climate resilience
  8. Support the electrification of fleets, from motorcycles to buses
  9. Evolve EV-related connection standards, spanning residential to public charging stations
  10. Deploy a Network EV Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plan
  11. Support Energy Queensland’s pursuit of an EV leadership position
  12. Support existing and future network tariffs relevant to EV owners
  13. Engage with EV salespeople, EVSE installers and owners about EV charging options.

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For more information

If you have any questions about this plan, please email ev@energyq.com.au.