PeakSmart air conditioning

PeakSmart is a new solution to help manage peak demand on the electricity network.

Ergon is able to send signals to PeakSmart air conditioners through the electricity network to temporarily reduce their consumption. This is similar to putting the air conditioners into economy mode and is only ever done when the electricity network reaches peak demand.

How often is PeakSmart activated and will it impact on my comfort levels?

PeakSmart mode is only activated on a few days of the year, for short periods of time, when the electricity network reaches peak demand in extreme weather conditions. As your air conditioner keeps running, you won't notice any difference to your comfort levels. Some air conditioner model displays indicate when they are operating in PeakSmart mode.

How is PeakSmart set up?

A PeakSmart Ready air conditioner has been manufactured to allow a small signal receiver to be fitted. The receiver is installed in your PeakSmart Ready air conditioner when you are having your new air conditioner installed, or can be retrofitted to your existing PeakSmart Ready air conditioner. The receiver must be fitted by a licensed installer. Once the receiver is installed, your air conditioner is PeakSmart Active.

Which air conditioners offer PeakSmart?

The majority of the leading air conditioner brands offer a range of PeakSmart air conditioners and have done so for the past few years. They are priced similar to traditional air conditioners.

PeakSmart air-conditioning adheres to industry standards. The technology is designed to be set and forget, similar to your air-conditioner being in economy mode. You won't have to do anything and you won't notice a difference to your comfort.

Check out our list of eligible PeakSmart Ready air conditioners that are available in the market place today.

Will PeakSmart affect my warranty?

Fitting a signal receiver to your PeakSmart Ready air conditioner will not affect its existing manufacturer warranty, as these air conditioners have been designed to incorporate this technology

Am I eligible for a cashback incentive?

To be eligible for a cashback incentive for PeakSmart air conditioning you must be located in an area where we are offering cashback incentives. If you are check the list of cashback incentives offered in your area to see if PeakSmart air conditioning is one of them. The type of cashback incentives offered varies for each incentive program depending on the time of day of the peak demand and the type and number of customers in the eligible area.

How will I receive my reward?

You will receive an email from Ergon telling you of the status of your application. Your reward will be sent to you, as a cheque, within 20 business days of a successful application.

How many PeakSmart air-conditioners can I receive a reward for?

This depends upon the individual incentive program. Refer to the incentive program for which you would like to apply for more details.

How do I get a PeakSmart signal receiver for my air conditioner?

Your signal receiver will be provided by your air-conditioning installer, when you have a PeakSmart air-conditioner installed, or for an existing PeakSmart air conditioner. Talk to your installer before they visit you to ensure that they bring along a PeakSmart signal receiver. You should not be charged for the supply of the receiver, as Ergon Energy provides those free of charge to local installers and a/c retailers.

Does my PeakSmart air-conditioner need to be on a particular setting for the signal receiver to work?

No. The signal receiver can be activated on any setting and temperature.

Will I be notified before Ergon activates the signal receiver?

No. PeakSmart air conditioning is designed to be set and forget.

Can I turn off the Demand Response mode on my air conditioner?

When your air-conditioner unit goes into a Demand Response mode you are unable to reverse the function by changing temperature settings or other actions.

I want to withdraw from the PeakSmart program, what do I need to do?

If you decide to leave the PeakSmart program you will need to cover the cost of your own electrician to remove the signal receiver. Please contact us at or on 1300 977 421 to advise of your desire to exit the program.

What do I do if the signal receiver is damaged or faulty?

Please call Ergon on 1300 977 421 to discuss your signal receiver query.

I am experiencing difficulties with submitting my reward application, who do I contact?

If you are experiencing difficulties with submitting your online reward application, please contact 1300 977 421 for assistance.

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