Corporate profile

We supply electricity to 746,000 customers across a vast operating area of over one million square kilometres – around 97% of the state of Queensland – from the expanding coastal and rural population centres to the remote communities of outback Queensland and the Torres Strait.

Ergon Energy Network is part of Energy Queensland, established in June 2016 to build on our proud history of powering Queensland and create a community-focused energy business ready for the future.

The electricity distribution network in regional Queensland is operated by us, and being part of the National Electricity Market (NEM), we are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Our electricity network consists of 178,000 kilometres of powerlines and 1.7 million power poles. We also own and operate 33 stand-alone power stations that provide supply to isolated communities across Queensland which are not connected to the main electricity grid. And we own and operate a gas-fired power station in Barcaldine which supplies into the main grid.

We are all about safely delivering secure, affordable and sustainable energy solutions with our communities and customers.

We are actively involved in alternative energy generation solutions and are one of Australia's largest purchasers of renewable energy.

We're also a major contributor to the development of skills across regional Queensland and to other partnerships within the communities we serve.

The AER determines the revenue we are allowed to collect from customers for their use of the network. These charges make up around half of the retail price of electricity. We also operate under Queensland Government electricity industry laws and regulations.