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Solar industry updates

We regularly issue updates to keep the solar PV industry up to date with changes to legislation, standards, processes and guidelines.

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Things change over time, so please remember to refer to the latest Solar Industry Update for the most up to date advice.

Annual Reports
Documents Published
Solar Industry Update 12 - Improvements to our appliance lists within the portal, Happy Holidays (PDF File, 586.0 KB) 23 Dec 2020
Solar Industry Update 11 - Grid Protection Relay Installation, Grid Protection Relay Compliance Date Reminder, Wireless Transfer Communication Delay, Basic Connection Offers, Solar Diverters between Tariffs are not permitted, Reminder <30kV Capacity and E (PDF File, 566.7 KB) 18 Nov 2020
Solar Industry Update 9 - LV Generation Fee Structure Changes (PDF File, 419.4 KB) 15 Sep 2020
Solar Industry Update 8 - New Embedded Generation Enquiry Fee, QECM Update, QEMM Update, A reminder about Asbestos Containing Materials, Non Domestic Load Control Tariffs, State-wide Major Customer Manual (PDF File, 479.6 KB) 15 Sep 2020
Solar Industry Update 7 - New network tariffs, Changes to our connection policy, Our connection standards have been updated, RPEQ requirements (PDF File, 445.6 KB) 20 Jul 2020
Solar Industry Update 6 - Changes to our connection policies, Portal enhancements (PDF File, 459.4 KB) 20 Jul 2020
Solar Industry Update 5 - Compliance of Battery Systems, Grid Protection Relay compliance requirements have been extended, Reminder: New Reactive Power Control settings are now mandatory, (PDF File, 435.0 KB) 6 May 2020
Solar Industry Update 4 - COVID-19 Our response update (PDF File, 428.2 KB) 6 May 2020
Solar Industry Update 3 - COVID-19 (PDF File, 424.5 KB) 3 Apr 2020
Solar Industry Update 2 - Customer Self Service Portal Enhancements, Distributed Energy Resources Register, Electrical Partners Portal Improvements (PDF File, 60.5 KB) 2 Mar 2020
Solar Industry Update 1 - New Embedded Generation Standards Go-Live (PDF File, 501.5 KB) 19 Feb 2020
Solar Industry Update 52 - Electrical Supply Equipment, Authorised Person Improvements (PDF File, 1.1 MB) 16 Jan 2020
Solar Industry Update 50 - AC Isolator Policy Change, new Micro EG Standard, Phase Balance Protection Requirements (PDF File, 308.5 KB) 20 Nov 2019
Solar Industry Update 48 - ENA Guideline Alignment, Power Quality Response Mode Change, Grid Protection Relay Requirements Update (PDF File, 283.3 KB) 4 Nov 2019
Solar Industry Update 47 - Safe Work Month, DER Register, Electrical Contractor Hotline (PDF File, 297.0 KB) 14 Sep 2019
Solar Industry Update 46 - Ensure you apply for every connected inverter (PDF File, 89.3 KB) 14 May 2019
Solar Industry Update 45 - Protection Device Compliance Update (PDF File, 374.9 KB) 20 Mar 2019
Solar Industry Update 44 - EWR status improvements, Shanghai Surpass Sun Electric inverters delisted, Safe Entry Policy reminder, (PDF File, 337.8 KB) 5 Mar 2019
Solar Industry Update 43 - Safe Entry Policy (PDF File, 340.2 KB) 29 Jan 2019

Please note: If you are looking for older editions visit our Updates archive webpage.