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Solar industry updates

We regularly issue updates to keep the solar PV industry up to date with changes to legislation, standards, processes and guidelines.

If you'd like to subscribe to receive Solar Industry Updates, please register with our Alert Subscription Service and we'll email you when a new edition is available on our website.

Once you've registered, login and select 'Solar Industry Update' then tick the box to activate your alerts. You can unsubscribe at any time by un-ticking the box.

Things change over time, so please remember to refer to the latest Solar Industry Update for the most up to date advice.

Documents Published
Solar Industry Update 38 (PDF File, 509.8 KB) 19 Feb 2018
Solar Industry Update 37 (PDF File, 549.6 KB) 30 Nov 2017
Solar Industry Update 36 (PDF File, 169.5 KB) 4 Oct 2017
Solar Industry Update 35 (PDF File, 62.6 KB) 7 Sep 2017
Solar Industry Update 34 (PDF File, 243.0 KB) 4 Sep 2017
Solar Industry Update 33 (PDF File, 60.5 KB) 9 Aug 2017
PV Industry Alert 32 (PDF File, 416.0 KB) 12 May 2017
PV Industry Alert 31 (PDF File, 75.1 KB) 17 Nov 2016
PV Industry Alert 30 (PDF File, 149.1 KB) 7 Oct 2016
PV Industry Alert 29 (PDF File, 164.1 KB) 5 Sep 2016
PV Industry Alert 28 (PDF File, 175.1 KB) 25 Aug 2016
PV Industry Alert 27 (PDF File, 333.8 KB) 1 Aug 2016
PV Industry Alert 26 (PDF File, 57.3 KB) 8 Mar 2016
PV Industry Alert 25 (PDF File, 160.3 KB) 9 Feb 2016

Please note: If you are looking for older editions visit our Updates archive webpage.

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