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These documents are for use by electrical contractors and others requiring information on metering and electricity connections to our distribution network.

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Forms and technical documents

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Annual Reports
Documents Published
Queensland Electricity Connection Manual (QECM) (PDF File, 5.1 MB) 16 Jul 2020
Queensland Electricity Metering Manual (QEMM) (PDF File, 7.0 MB) 12 Aug 2020
Electricity Connection Manual and Electricity Metering Manual Printed Copy Order Form (PDF File, 94.0 KB) 24 Aug 2018
Electrical Work Request (EWR) (PDF File, 255.4 KB) 20 Sep 2018
Electrical Work Request (EWR) 56 (3) (PDF File, 255.6 KB) 20 Sep 2018
LV CT Metering Advice Form (PDF File, 112.7 KB) 15 Jun 2022
Application for Network Connection of a Micro E G Unit Form (PDF File, 543.3 KB) 1 Jul 2021

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