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Accessing your metering data

You or an authorised third party can request up to two years of metering data for your premises. You must have been the electricity account holder for the period for which you request data.

Types of data available

We can provide quarterly summary metering data or monthly detailed metering data, depending on the type of meter at the premises.

Please note: Data is available from 1 January 2007.

Quarterly summary data

If you have an accumulation meter (i.e. a meter which is read by our meter readers each quarter), a summary of quarterly metering data will be provided as a PDF file via email or post. To find out more about reading the summary data, please see Understanding your site consumption report – Accumulation metering data (PDF 347.9 kb).

Monthly detailed data

If you have an interval meter (i.e. an electronic device that records your electricity use every 30 minutes and which is collected daily via remote communication), detailed monthly data will be provided as an Excel file via email only. To find out more about reading the detailed data, please see Understanding your site consumption report – Interval metering data (PDF 293.3 kb).

Possible charges

The data is usually free of charge, but fees may apply if you request data:

  • More than four times in any twelve month period
  • In a different format to that specified above
  • Which is more than two years old.

Before you apply

Before we can email or post your meter data we need to confirm that you are the electricity account holder at the premises.

If the details you provide in your application do not match our records, or if we are unable to confirm your eligibility for the data, we won’t be able to provide it.

How to apply - single customer

Applications can be made using our online application form. You will need the following information to apply:

How to apply - multiple customers as a third party

If you are an authorised representative, applications can be made for multiple customers via email and must include the following information:

  • Your metering data request in an Excel (.xlsx) file including these details for each customer premises (no record header is required, see example Excel file (XLSX 9.4 kb)):
    • NMI
    • Street address
    • Suburb
    • Postcode
    • Customer name - the customer must have been the account holder for the period of time you are requesting the data for. You can request up to two years of metering data for a period that is within the last two years.
    • Data start date (dd/mm/yyyy)
    • Data end date (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • A completed and signed Authority to Release Information to Third Parties Form (PDF 34.9 kb) (PDF 88.0 kb) for each customer.

Email your completed Excel file and associated authorisation forms to us at mdp@ergon.com.au.

Any information you provide to us will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

Other queries?

You need to contact your electricity retailer if:

  • Your enquiry is about the amount charged on your electricity bill or your retail tariff
  • Your enquiry is about the reconciliation of the data we have provided and a bill issued by your electricity retailer. We cannot determine how the electricity retailer has calculated your energy data or the retail tariff on your bill.
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