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We offer rewards to businesses that can provide demand response/network support in eligible areas.

Network support can help to alleviate peak demand on the network. Typical types of demand response/network support are generation, call off load and load shifting, resulting in a demand reduction of 500kVA or above off eligible feeders.

The following interactive map shows where we have business cashback rewards available in our network region.

You can click on a shaded area and a pop-up will display more details of that rewards program. You may notice more than one rewards offer in a shaded area because we sometimes have different offers on different network feeders.

You can search eligibility of a specific address by using the search bar in the map.

Go to the Eligible PeakSmart areas web page to see where PeakSmart cashback rewards are available and which signal receiver to use.

Please note: If you have a large number of NMI’s to search please email us at demandmanagement@ergon.com.au or call us on 1300 550 766 to request a bulk NMI search.

Important information

  1. The map is updated at least twice a year. The value of rewards may change as we get closer to our demand reduction targets for individual reward programs.
  2. The reward area borders are as correct as possible, but may not be exact. If your premises are close to a shaded border, check your eligibility on the NMI Search.