Property records search

If you’re about to buy a property then you, your solicitor or real estate agent can request a property records search to confirm electricity is available and connected at the address.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Submit your request Complete the property records search form (PDF 254.6 kb) and return it to us by email or post (details are on the form). You should include a copy of the plan, which clearly identifies the subject land, including streets and/or roads.
  2. Pay the search fee We will contact the person on the form for payment of the search fee. The fee is lower if you provide us with a plan that clearly identifies the property. When the fee is paid, our accounts team will send your search request off to be processed.
  3. Receive our search result You should receive our reply within 14 days if you provided us with all the information we need to complete the property records search. We will reply to the person on your form either via email (if provided) or post.  

    The outcome of our search will be noted under the “Official reply” section of your property record search form. We will also complete the receipt details so your form can be used as your Tax Invoice.

How much will it cost?

Fees will depend on whether or not you provided us with a plan.

Type of search Fee (GST inclusive)

Standard search (with a Plan)

Your property records search request should include a plan that clearly identifies the subject land including street and/or road names.


Standard search (without a Plan)

If your property records search request does not include a plan, or the plan provided does not clearly identify the subject land including street and/or road names, then you will charged for our time to identify the property.