Meter reading

We rely on accurate and timely meter readings to ensure you are billed correctly for the electricity you use. To do this, we need safe access to your electricity meter. Find out how you can help us with safe entry to your premises.

Sometimes dogs can prevent us from entering a property to read electricity meters. That's why you're advised on your electricity bill of your next scheduled meter read date, so you can securely restrain any dogs on your premises to provide safe access for our meter readers. You may also like to register for SMS and/or email meter-read alerts for dog owners.

How to check your scheduled meter read date

Is your meter due to be read in the next 3 business days? Check out your last power bill to find your next meter read date.

If yes, enter your National Metering Identifier (NMI) below to see your latest scheduled meter read date. This will help you make arrangements to ensure we can safely access your meter.

If you don't get a result, it means your meter is not due to be read in the next 3 business days, so check back closer to the read date on your bill.

Enter your NMI
Your NMI can be found on your electricity bill.
If you can't find your NMI, contact us on 13 74 66.

Latest scheduled meter read date

< Enter another NMI

This is the latest date scheduled for meter readings in your area. It usually takes more than one day to read all of the meters in your area, so your meter may be read within one or two business days either side of this scheduled date.

The NMI you entered may be incorrect, or your meter is not scheduled to be read within the next 3 business days. Check your last power bill for your NMI and your next meter read date.

Important information about the date

Your scheduled meter read date provided above may be different to the date shown on your last electricity bill. This is because it’s more up-to-date, based on the latest estimate of our meter reading schedule. Meter read dates may still vary due to bad weather, injury and other unforeseen events.

What happens if we can't access your meter?

If we can't gain entry to read your electricity meter, we'll automatically generate an estimate read for your electricity retailer.

You are legally obliged to provide safe and convenient access to your electricity meter at all reasonable times. It's a requirement under standard retail and distribution contracts and also under the Electricity Act (1994).

An electricity retailer may arrange for disconnection where a customer fails to provide access.

If you need help with a meter access issue at your place, please call us on 13 74 66 between 7am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Did we leave a card at your premises advising we couldn't access your meter?

In the timeframe indicated on the card, visit our Self Read webpage to find out how to enter your own reads.

From 1 February 2019 you may ask your electricity retailer to adjust your bill to be based on your self meter read.

If you need help with self reads or a meter access issue at your place, please call us on 13 74 66 between 7am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

How can you help us access your meter?

You can help us by:

  • Keeping dogs restrained or away from the meter (see below)
  • Using a lock authorised by us to secure your gate or other property access point
  • Keeping the meter clear of vegetation, insects, vehicles and other equipment
  • Moving your meter box if it becomes inaccessible because of new fences or building changes.

Important: We can't enter your premises to read your meter unless we deem it's safe to do so. Please read more on our Safe entry to your premises webpage.

Keeping your dog away from the meter

If you have a dog at your premises, meter readers are advised not to enter the property unless they can confirm it's safe to do so.

When the meter reader visits, they may check that your dog is securely restrained* (see below) or in a separate area away from the meter box. This doesn't mean your dog is dangerous, but meter readers can't take risks when it comes to safety. The meter reader is the only person that can determine if it's safe to access your property.

To ensure your meter is read, if you have a dog please securely restrain* it or keep it away from the meter box when your meter reading is due. Read more on our Safe entry to your premises webpage. Or, you may like talk to a licensed electrical contractor about relocating your meter box.

It’s important to keep your dog details up to date. To tell us about a new dog or to request your dog be reassessed next time the meter reader visits, you can update your account details (with your electricity retailer) or call us on 13 74 66 between 7am - 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

*Definition of securely restrained dog

To confirm your dog is securely restrained, we must be able to physically sight your dog and confirm it is:

  • placed securely inside the house behind a closed door or other suitable building (e.g. shed); or
  • placed securely in a yard or area completely separated from where our work is needed (i.e. locked behind a fence); or
  • isolated by either a substantial rope or chain secured to an appropriate anchor point on the ground or to a fixed fitting to ensure our safe access to the work area. If you chain your dog please remember you're responsible for ensuring they have appropriate water, shade, and food.

Access through gates, doors or meter boxes (Ergon locks)

If you need to secure your property with locked gates or doors, Queensland Locksmiths can supply locks that still allow us to access your electricity meter.

Their locks range from simple padlocks to complete handle-lock systems to secure your gates, buildings or meter box. Other locking arrangements including dual locking systems, PINs for electronic gates and key boxes to store keys or access swipe cards may also be available.  Note that our meter readers can't carry keys or access swipe cards for private customer locks.

Please note: Customers receiving the Queensland Government Electricity Rebate are now also eligible to receive a 10% discount off the purchase price of these locks.

Visit the Queensland Locksmiths or call them toll free on 1300 323 301.

Clearing vegetation, vehicles and equipment

If plants, shrubs and other objects are too close to your meter box, it can be hard to access your meter. Obstacles left lying on the ground near the meter can also pose a safety risk.

Please cut back trees, bushes and shrubs to help us get to your meter. Clear away rubbish bins, garden equipment, vehicles and machinery and make sure there are no insects, spiders or snakes in or near your meter box.

New fences and other changes

If you're building a new fence or making other changes, please remember to allow for access to your meter. If the changes mean your meter box can't be reasonably accessed, you may need to talk to a licensed electrical contractor about moving it.