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Coronavirus Response

We're focused on keeping you connected and are here to support you in these uncertain times. Read about our COVID-19 response (PDF 2.7 mb).

Connections & metering

Information about connection of electricity supply, upgrades and changes to connections, the process for connecting solar PV systems and metering.

  • Residential

    Need to arrange electricity network connection to your home, install solar PV, or make a change to your connection? Find out how.

  • Business

    How to arrange a new electricity network connection for your business, change your connection, or remove it.

  • Major business

    Information about connection of electricity, upgrades and changes to connections for large commercial and industrial businesses.

  • Street lights

    Find out how to arrange electricity connection to street (public) lighting for a reliable power supply.

  • Unmetered supply

    How to connect power to approved devices such as traffic lights, rail crossing signals, irrigation controllers, CCTV and security cameras.

  • Metering

    Find out more about your obligations for meter access, types of meters and how to read them, and contestable metering.

  • Property records search

    If you’re about to buy a property, check if electricity is available and connected at the address.