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COVID-19 Response

Queensland, you can count on us to support our communities through COVID-19. We’re doing all we can to look after your electricity supply and services, and safety. Read about our response.


Information about connection of electricity supply, upgrades and changes to connections, the process for connecting solar PV systems and metering.

  • Residential

    Need to arrange electricity network connection to your home, install solar PV, or make a change to your connection? Find out how.

  • Business

    How to arrange a new electricity network connection for your business, change your connection, or remove it.

  • Major business

    Information about connection of electricity, upgrades and changes to connections for large commercial and industrial businesses.

  • Street lights

    Find out how to arrange electricity connection to street (public) lighting for a reliable power supply.

  • Unmetered supply

    How to connect power to approved devices such as traffic lights, rail crossing signals, irrigation controllers, CCTV and security cameras.

  • Metering

    Find out more about your obligations for meter access, types of meters and how to read them, and contestable metering.

  • Property records search

    If you’re about to buy a property, check if electricity is available and connected at the address.