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Contractor training nomination form

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Use this online form to nominate for our contractor training courses. The Contractor Training Information Sheet will help you to complete this nomination form.

Please read and accept these terms and conditions to progress to the next page.

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to this nomination form:

1.   Form submission notice period

  • Your nomination form must be received by us at least 10 working days before the requested training date for core and scheduled training (as per the Contractor Training Schedule). All other elective courses require a minimum of 20 working days notice, except Switching Reassessments which need a minimum of three months.
  • Any changes to your original nomination must be resubmitted and approved by an Ergon Energy representative. They will also need to re-check that all pre-requisites have been completed.

2.   Ergon Energy Recognition (EER)

  • We will consider EER for GCWI and EA SWNELP if training has been completed previously by one of our approved training providers. Your Ergon Energy representaive can give you a list of our approved training providers. If requesting EER you must record this on your nomination form and provide evidence of previously completed training via email. For further advice on EER please contact your Ergon Energy representative.

3.   How do participants successfully complete the nominated training?

  • Participants are required to actively participate in all training activities and complete the relevant assessment tasks to a competent standard.
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy Requirements - Participants who do not have the literacy and numeracy levels indicated below may find completion of this course difficult and must email Technical Training and Development before attending training:
    • Reading Level 3: Reads and interprets texts of some complexity, integrating (where relevant) a number of pieces of information in order to generate meaning. Display awareness of purpose of text, including unstated meaning. Interprets and extrapolates from texts containing data which is unambiguously presented in graphic, diagrammatic, formatted or visual form.
    • Writing Level 3: Communicates relationships between ideas through selecting and using grammatical structures and notations, which are appropriate to the purpose. Produces and sequences paragraphs according to purpose of text.
    • Numeracy Level 3: Selects appropriate mathematical information embedded in a real life activity, item or text. Selects and applies a range of mathematical strategies to solve problems in a number of contexts which are familiar and maybe interrelated. Reflects on and questions reasonableness and appropriateness of the purpose, process and outcomes of a mathematical activity. Use oral and written informal and formal language and representation including symbols and diagrams to communicate mathematically.
    • Learning Support - Participants who feel that they may need learning support for literacy, numeracy or other special needs should email Technical Training and Development prior to their training. Where advanced notice is given, adjustments may be made to the delivery and assessment of subject matter to provide discrete and allowable assistance. This assistance must not unfairly advantage the participant but is appropriate where course outcomes can be achieved using alternate delivery techniques, such as oral assessment or additional practice time. Additional tuition maybe appropriate in some instances.

4.   What should participants bring to the training sessions?

Clothing appropriate to the work being performed under contract will be required, including covered footwear. Field and workshop work will require appropriate personal protective equipment including long shirt and trousers, safety footwear, eye protection, head protection, fall prevention equipment, etc. to at least minimum company or industry standards. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to inability to participate in training.

5.   Application for Ergon Energy ID Card

All contractors visiting our sites require an non-employee ID card. To apply for an ID card, you will need a passport style photo and a completed application form. Your Ergon Energy representative will provide you with the application form.