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Powerlines and car accidents

Car accidents can bring down powerlines or cause damage to electrical equipment at ground level. If you are involved in an accident or come across one, it's important to 'Take care, stay line aware' and remember that the car, and anything else such as fences and trees in contact with powerlines, could be 'live'.

After an accident

  • Don't panic. Try to remain calm
  • Treat all powerlines and other electrical equipment as if they are 'live'
  • Stay in the car until the power has been isolated and the powerlines removed
  • Don't risk being electrocuted by attempting to leave the car before the power is disconnected
  • Warn bystanders to stay a minimum of 10 metres from the car and anything else in contact with powerlines at the accident site
  • Don't attempt to rescue or allow others to approach the car that is in contact with powerlines. All too often secondary injuries or deaths occur because of others trying to help
  • Call Triple Zero (000) immediately to report powerlines down and a life threatening situation
  • Contact us on 13 16 70 to switch off the power.

after an accident step by step process