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Your Home

All the information you need to connect and manage your home electricity connection with Ergon Energy.

Summer resolution

Find out more about making a summer resolution to stay safe and save money.

Electricity tariffs & prices

Information about the different tariffs Ergon Energy offers to meet your electricity supply needs.

Accounts & billing

Understanding your account, updating your details, queries, payment options, claims and more.

Save on your bill

Hints and tips to help you save electricity and money on your bill.


Do you need to connect electricity to your home, are you moving home, or do you need to make a change to your home electricity connection? Find out how.

Safety at home

Electricity can be dangerous. Use our simple tips to help you and your family to stay Always Safe around electricity in the home.

Access to meters

As an Ergon Energy customer, it’s your responsibility to allow access to your premises so we can read your electricity meter, undertake connection or metering work or perform other services related to the supply of your electricity.

Renewable energy

Our Clean Energy program is a great way to use renewable energy in your home and help the environment.


Ergonia is our kids site to help them to learn about energy and being safe around electricity in an interactive way. Plus there are lots of fun activities, screensavers, stickers, and a game to play.

Electricity industry

Information about the electricity industry in Queensland including choosing your electricity retailer, pricing and the industry code and contracts.

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Find out about monthly payments in The Wire. Direct debit - a convenient way to pay your electriciy bills. Know your obligations for meter access.