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Our Trade Ally Network (TAN) is a registry of local, statewide or national businesses that can help you explore energy efficiency and demand management opportunities in your business.

If you would like to implement energy or demand management strategies at your business and you're not sure where to start, it might be useful to contact one of our TAN members. TAN members should be prepared to come out to your premises to review your situation and offer you a range of solutions to suit your needs.

Where cashback incentives are available in your area, TAN members can also assist you to lodge a claim with us.

Find a TAN member

To find a TAN member suitable to your needs, please use the tick boxes below to filter the list by product, service or region. You can select multiple options.

Of course customers are welcome to contact another provider of energy services not listed in the TAN registry.

Important Information

The TAN is not an exhaustive list and is provided for information purposes only. Ergon is not responsible for, and does not represent or endorse the standard of any services rendered by TAN members, nor are their services warranted or guaranteed in any manner by Ergon. TAN members were accepted into the program on the basis of information sourced at time of application and where possible maintained. Customers are advised to make their own enquiries and form their own opinions as to the suitability of any TAN members for their particular needs.

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