Group 1: Controlled Load Tariff

This group will be trialing the use of a controlled load tariff for supplying key loads and ancillary farm equipment.

Group description

The aim is to understand the implications for farms switching from tariffs with power available 24/7 to a control load tariff with limited hours of supply.

The proxy tariff being used by this group during the trial is Tariff 33. Normally only available in conjunction with a primary household or small business tariff, Tariff 33 is offered as a primary tariff for the purposes of this trial only. Tariff 33 cannot be used in this way on an ongoing basis.

All of your equipment at your nominated connection point will be moved to Tariff 33. As such, you must determine if a controlled load tariff is appropriate for your farming equipment needs.

If a review of your usage and tariffs indicates that Tariff 33 would not be a cost effective option for you, you will not be able to participate in this trial group.

Tariff details

Tariff 33 is a controlled load tariff which has supply available for a minimum of 18 hours per day.

The periods during the day that supply is available may change from day to day and vary in duration. You won’t be notified prior to supply on Tariff 33 being switched on or off.

Tariff 33incl. GST
All usage - cents per kWh21.956

New rates for all Ergon Energy Retail customers will come into effect from 1 July 2017.

At the end of the trial, you will either return to your previous tariff (if available) or to an alternative tariff that best suits your needs.


As a participant in this trial group you will:

  • Receive a digital meter that will record energy usage and demand in regular intervals to give you insights into your energy use profile and help you compare tariff options
  • Be charged Tariff 33 rates during the trial, which does not have daily supply charges
  • Get regular reports on your electricity usage and cost comparisons with your previous tariffs
  • Receive a detailed tariff analysis for your accounts and help to transition to an alternative tariff or return to your original tariff at the end of the trial.


The trial will run until 30 June 2018.


To participate in the Controlled Load Tariff group you must:

  • Be a customer of Ergon Retail, classified as ‘small’ (using less than 100MWh/year)
  • Currently use Tariff 20, 21, 22, 62, 65 or 66 as your primary tariff and not be receiving drought relief
  • Have a usage profile that is considered within the ‘normal’ range for similar customers
  • Have connected loads that do not rely on having power permanently available 24/7
  • Have at least 12 months current site usage data at the connection point, to enable an initial tariff review
  • Have a compliant meter box and switchboard that is suitable to install a digital meter and load control receiver.

Other requirements you will need to agree to include:

  • Receiving your bill monthly, via email
  • Responding to trial group surveys
  • Participating in a case study if required.


Your meter box and switchboard are likely to be compliant if they were:

  1. installed after 2005, or
  2. upgraded to support a solar installation.

If your meter box and switchboard are not already compliant, you’ll need to arrange work prior to the start of the trial to upgrade them to meet current standards at your own expense.

You may also incur costs for:

  • Separating circuits to connect specific loads
  • Changing business practices and equipment to accommodate
    supply interruptions.

While your usage and current tariffs will be reviewed for suitability on a controlled load tariff, the decision to participate in the trial is yours. There is no reimbursement available for any differences in electricity costs incurred.

You will also be responsible for any damage or loss incurred due to supply interruptions.

For the period of this trial, you’ll pay no more for meter services charges than an equivalent customer with the same meter/ tariff configuration. Costs for meter services charges beyond July 2017 are yet to be confirmed.


Applications for the Agricultural Tariff Trial have now closed. If you have any enquiries about the Trial, please phone Ergon Energy on 07 3851 6218 or email to

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