Agricultural tariff trial

The Queensland Government and Ergon Energy are inviting producers to participate in the Agricultural Tariff Trial.

This trial is an initiative under the Queensland Government’s Regional Business Support Package and is in response to requests from the agricultural sector for consideration of other tariff options to suit the needs of primary producers.

Its purpose is to help us better understand the potential for offering controlled load and seasonal demand tariffs as an alternative to the current transitional agricultural tariffs.

Applications for the Agricultural Tariff Trial have now closed. If you have any enquiries about the Trial, please phone Ergon Energy on 07 3851 6218 or email to

Trial group 1

Controlled Load Tariff

This group will be trialing the use of a controlled load tariff for supplying key loads and ancillary farm equipment.

Find out more about Group 1 of the Agricultural Tariff Trial

The aim is to understand the implications for farms switching from tariffs with power available 24/7 to a control load tariff with limited hours of supply.

This trial will run until 30 June 2018.

Trial group 2

Tariff 24 Seasonal Demand Tariff

For many of our customers, knowing whether to move to a demand tariff can be difficult as their current billing and metering does not provide enough information to make an accurate tariff analysis.

Find out more about Group 2 of the Agricultural Tariff Trial

This group will be trialing the use of Tariff 24, which is a new seasonal time of use demand tariff. The aim is to better understand how this works for agricultural customers in comparison with their current tariffs.

This trial will run until 30 June 2018.

Trial group 3

Load Profile

This group will remain on their current tariff at their nominated connection point. Their usage data will simply help us improve our understanding of the load profiles of agricultural customers.

Find out more about Group 3 of the Agricultural Tariff Trial

The information gathered will also be used to gain greater insights into customers electricity needs and allow for more advanced tariff analysis to be undertaken.

This trial will run until 30 June 2019.

Meter charges

By receiving a digital meter as part of the Agricultural Tariff Trial you will not pay the up-front meter charge and only continue to pay the capital component of the meter that was removed. You will not be required to pay the non-capital component, however this situation may change from 1 July 2017.

Meter charges may change further from 1 December 2017 when new metering regulations determine that all new and replacement meters must be digital meters. All customers with the same meter/tariff combination will pay the same metering charge.

Further information

For asstance, please contact your agricultural industry body representative or Ergon Energy.

Phone | 07 3851 6218 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.  Email |

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