Financial inclusion action plan

We're pleased to share our Financial Inclusion Action Plan for 2019.

This foundation plan outlines how we intend to provide support for customers who face genuine hardship in paying for their electricity.

A Financial Inclusion Action Plan is an agreed strategy of practical actions that an organisation will undertake to improve financial inclusions in Australia.

Our plan was developed in alignment with Good Shepherd Microfinance and its partnership group's plans to better support customers, employees and the broader community to achieve their financial goals.

Ergon Retail is among 33 well-known organisations, including banks, utilities, law firms, charities, governments and universities, who have developed or committed to develop a Financial Inclusion Action Plan.

The plan complements our existing Customer Assist program and helps us make a real difference for our customers' financial inclusion and resilience.

Read our Financial Inclusion Action Plan (PDF 1.4 mb) and find out more about Good Shepherd's Financial Inclusion Action Plan Program.