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Your digital meter

As a participant in the program, you would receive a new digital meter that can be read electronically.

This means there’s no need to lock up the dogs or stay at home to unlock gates for a meter reader every quarter.

Meter installation

We would install it with no upfront cost and you wouldn’t be required to pay any additional meter charges over and above Ergon Retail’s published meter charges for all customers.

Your meter box and switchboard need to be suitable to support a digital meter.  A good indicator for this is if they were installed after 2005 or have been upgraded to support a solar installation.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure - we’ll check your meter box and switchboard first before we install your meter. We’ll let you know in advance of the approximate day and time that we’ll be there.

What next?

After your digital meter is installed, we’ll send you an Energy Savvy Families booklet to welcome you to the program.

If your meter box and switchboard are not suitable, we’ll let you know. Unfortunately that means we won’t be able to include you in the program.

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