Three easy ways to save on your bill

Want to save on your power bill but it all seems too hard? We cut through the confusion with three easy ways to save on your bill without impacting your lifestyle or spending a cent.

1. Queensland Government dividend

All residential account holders will receive another $50 off their annual bill in 2019 thanks to the Queensland Government’s asset ownership dividend. The best part is you don’t have to do anything – the money will be automatically credited on your bill after 30 April 2019.

2. Electricity rebate

Are you missing out on the electricity rebate? The Queensland Government electricity rebate of up to $340 per year is available for eligible pensioners, seniors, health care card holders and asylum seekers. The rebate is applied as a daily amount, which is then paid to you in instalments through your electricity bill. Find out more about the electricity rebate and apply online.

3. Save with our energy tips

Just a few small changes in how you use electricity at home can make a difference to your power bill. Our biggest tip is to set your aircon at 25 degrees as it’s the sweet spot between staying cool and saving on your bill. Aircons make up 40% of the typical home’s energy use, so if you’re looking for bang for buck this is a great place to start. See our other home energy tips.