Budgeting and your energy bill

Budgeting each month can be tricky. To help you understand your bill and energy use, we’ve broken down an average bill and other important living costs.

What contributes to your bill

The following appliances contribute the most to your energy bill:

Appliance % of home energy use
Air conditioning and home heating 40
Water heating (hot water tank) 21
Lighting 6
Television 6
Cooking 5
Fridge and freezer (standard-size combined) 5
Dishwasher, clothes washer and clothes dryer 2
Other appliances (including computers, tablets, gaming consoles) 15

Appliance running costs

Knowing the real costs of running your household appliances can help you manage your energy use. The key to managing your energy use is knowing how much electricity the appliances in your home use.

Our handy guide to understanding your energy use (PDF 83.7 kb) lists the most common average household appliances and their indicative running costs, so you can add it all up.

Other living costs

Other monthly living costs for an average family of four in Queensland include:

Food and drinks$1484
Health insurance$497
Transport – includes petrol, registration, insurance and maintenance$1236
Mobile phones$20 to $150
Water and sewage$128

Need help paying your bill?

We have ways to help manage your budget and pay your bill on time. For more information, see our support programs.