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Get smarter with energy.  Get HomeSmart.

Thank you to everyone who has registered their interest to use HomeSmart.  All places to use HomeSmart in Rockhampton, Townsville, Hervey Bay and Cairns have been allocated.

Alert: upcoming changes to HomeSmart Savvy

What is HomeSmart Savvy?

HomeSmart Savvy is basic version of HomeSmart which provides a simpler experience with fewer features than your HomeSmart system.

Residential customers need a digital meter at their home to use HomeSmart Savvy.

Read more about HomeSmart Savvy.

What are the changes?

In the coming months, we'll be working to transfer information for customers using HomeSmart Savvy to be accessed via My Account.

Will this impact my HomeSmart system?

No, this transition does not include HomeSmart so you'll continue to access your information through the HomeSmart portal.

HomeSmart puts the power back in your hands

HomeSmart is simple integrated system that's designed to help you make smart decisions about when to run your appliances and monitor your use through an online portal.

Use it to:

  • Know how much energy your rooftop solar system generates and whether it’s working for you
  • Gain potential savings through customised HomeSmart programs
  • See which appliances are using power in your home and how much
  • Control your hot water system, pool pump and connected air conditioners remotely
  • Access your information at any time using your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Set a budget and receive alerts mid-month if you're likely to exceed it.

You can override programmed settings for your appliances and switch them on an off as you choose.

Plus, our monthly reports let you know how you're doing, providing personalised advice and observations about your home energy use.

Remote appliance management

We'll also be testing the ability for Ergon Energy to use HomeSmart to remotely trigger your appliances to switch off for brief periods, without any inconvenience to you.  In Cairns, this functionality will be optional.

Appliances that may be triggered include electric hot water systems, pool pumps and air conditioners.

The frequency and duration of these periods will vary depending on your location.  Details will be clearly outlined during your registration process and confirmed in your customer agreement.

We'll let you know immediately prior to switching off any of your appliances, by SMS or email or both.

More information: your HomeSmart system

How does HomeSmart work?

HomeSmart uses a combination of cloud-based software, metering and control switches that allow you to see how you're using electricity and turn your major appliances on and off.

For major appliances that have their own circuit, like hot water systems, pool pumps and some air conditioners, control switches are connected directly to the circuits in your switchboard.

These control switches communicate with the HomeSmart system wirelessly, through a connection in your modem.

Is HomeSmart hard to use?

No, it's designed to be simple to use and understand.  You can tell it how you want things controlled and it does the rest. Of course, if you change your mind about a setting, you can request to change it anytime via your personal settings tab.

What equipment do I need?

You'll need a broadband internet connection in your home and a computer, tablet or smartphone.  We'll provide you with the HomeSmart unit, connecting cables and all of the control switches and other equipment that's connected to your switchboard or in a separate weatherproof enclosure that will be installed next to your switchboard.

Why do I need an internet connection?

HomeSmart uses the internet to communicate with cloud-based software that manages its operation and data transfer.  This means you can access your information at any time using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Your HomeSmart system relies on an internet connection to control your devices remotely, so you'll need to make sure your internet service is available 24x7.

Will HomeSmart impact the performance of my internet?

No. HomeSmart will use your home internet connection but the data transfer rate and bandwidth capacity is very small compared to the average home's broadband service.

How much data does HomeSmart use?

It's estimated the HomeSmart system will use about 30MB of data per month. You are responsible for the cost of the internet access.

Can HomeSmart switch off the power to my home?

No. HomeSmart can only control major appliances like hot water systems, pool pumps and air conditioners, not your whole house. You nominate the appliances you'd like to control.

It cannot be used to control your lighting or power point circuits.

Can I switch something on or off outside of my settings?

Yes, HomeSmart lets you override programmed settings for your appliances so you can switch them on an off as you choose.  You can see which appliances are on or off at any time through HomeSmart on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

How do I turn HomeSmart off?

You can unplug HomeSmart from your modem, which will disconnect the system.

How does it help me manage my rooftop solar?

HomeSmart can show you how much of the energy you generate is being used in your home, and how much is being exported back to the grid.  This means you can see how much of your solar generated electricity gets used in the home, and how you're using your solar energy in dollar terms by comparing your household tariff and solar feed-in tariff rates.

With insights on your household usage, generation capacity and the amount of electricity you generate in real time, HomeSmart can help you see if your rooftop solar system is working as well as it should be. You can also set HomeSmart to alert you by SMS or email when your system is not generating for more than 24hours.

You can also program HomeSmart to switch on your hot water heater or pool pump to use the surplus electricity you would otherwise export to the grid.You may then choose to change the way you use electricity to get the most out of your solar generation.

What is generation and demand matching?

This is part of the rooftop solar function that allows you to program an appliance to use surplus energy generated from their solar system, rather than exporting it.  The 'minimum on times' mean any devices that use this system still satisfy any minimum running times.

How accurate is HomeSmart?

The measurement accuracy of HomeSmart meters is high, but as it does not use 'revenue grade' equipment there will be some differences between the information presented by HomeSmart and your actual usage shown on your electricity bill.

What is the HomeSmart Performance Index and how does it apply to solar PV systems?

The HomeSmart Performance Index is a comparison of your rooftop solar system's efficiency with the most efficient unit at households in your close geographical location with a HomeSmart connection.  The calculation eliminates the effect of both unit size and weather, making it a useful tool to quickly identify set-up, mechanical, or equipment issues.

What information does HomeSmart collect and how do you use it?

HomeSmart collects information about your energy use and generation, which enables us to provide you with personalised advice for managing your energy use.  We share your information with our technology partner HabiDapt and their service providers. Your personal information will not be disclosed by Ergon Energy to any other third parties, unless authorised or required by law.

Why do I need to specify which tariff my appliances are on?

We need to know which the tariff to apply to each of your nominated appliances so HomeSmart can provide more accurate information relating to your budgets, usage history, bill estimates etc. in your HomeSmart dashboard.  You can request an update to this information in your customer settings at any time.

Should I turn my regular timers off?

Yes.  Any timers you might otherwise use on the appliances you control with HomeSmart (for example, on your pool pump) should be turned off.  Turning those timers off will allow you to use the full range of HomeSmart services.

I've forgotten my password - how do I reset it?

You can now reset your password from the HomeSmart login page.

What is my customer number?

It's a unique reference provided for each HomeSmart customer, used in the customer settings section.  You don't need to know it as it will pre-populate in the online form.

How do I get support?

You can contact us in a number of ways including:

Phone: 1300 885 034 from 8.30 to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Email: homesmart@ergon.com.au