Power of Choice help for contractors

Power of Choice (PoC) is a government-led, industry-wide program to help customers make informed choices about how they manage their electricity use.

From 1 December 2017, electricity retailers including Ergon Retail will be responsible for arranging new and replacement meters for customers.

For residential and small business customers, these new or replacement meters must be digital meters. Basic meters will be phased out and replaced over time until all meters are digital.

Changes to metering under Power of Choice

New market roles have been defined to deliver the metering and meter data services that were previously delivered by electricity distributors. These include metering coordinators, metering providers and meter data providers.

Some things will remain unchanged:

  • You'll continue to submit Electrical Work Requests (EWRs) for Ergon Network through the Electrical Partners Portal
  • Jobs will be tracked in the Electrical Partners Portal, just with small changes to accommodate the new roles within the market
  • Ergon Network will continue to maintain basic (Type 6) meters until they are switched out for digital (Type 4) meters.

It will also mean a few changes:

  • Ergon Network will distribute jobs submitted via the Electricity Partners Portal before sending to the relevant retailer to arrange to arrange for the metering works
  • Ergon Retail and other electricity retailers will be your main contacts to check the status and/or progress of metering work
  • Installation of digital meters will be requested by electricity retailers, for their appointed meter coordinator to arrange with a competitive meter provider
  • You may notice changes in the order that metering work is completed and that different service providers are responsible for each of the various components.

More information

Information on the Power of Choice reforms and the resulting rule changes is available on the websites for:

Ergon Network also has information about the new Power of Choice regulatory changes for electrical contractors.