Digital Meter Program

Digital meters make life easier.

Many things that we currently need a technician to do at your place could be done faster electronically.

This includes reading your meter – with a digital meter we don’t even have to send a meter reader over.  So there'd be no need to lock the dogs up or stay at home to ensure gates are unlocked for a meter reader every quarter.

They also mean we can issue your bill monthly, which many of our customers find more manageable.

Our digital meter program

Digital meters give us the potential to offer you more tailored options to manage your account and make your life easier.

We're taking steps to better understand the benefits that digital meters could offer our customers while ensuring a good customer experience.

As part of our digital meter program, we’re installing a limited number of meters for specific customers with a compliant meter box.

Depending on the outcomes of our initial trials, we’d like to roll out the convenience of digital meters to more and more of our customers.

Support for vulnerable customers

Ergon Energy Retail is working with the Queensland Government on plans to roll out digital meters to vulnerable customers in regional Queensland.

People can be vulnerable for lots of different reasons. As well as financial disadvantage, language and education can also be barriers to using electricity effectively.

The first phase of the initiative will involve working with consumer groups to identify eligible customers who will benefit most from this important technology.

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