Meter services charge

The meter services charge covers the cost of providing your meters and the ongoing costs of operating and maintaining your meters.

What are the charges?

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) determined that different meter services charges should apply to all primary tariffs including Tariff 11 and 12A, controlled load tariffs including Tariff 31 and 33, plus metering for solar connections.

Each of these charges are made up of two components:

  • Capital component – covers the cost of the meter
  • Non-capital component – covers the ongoing costs of operating, maintaining and reading the meter

A full breakdown of the meter services charges for 2016/17 is outlined in the below table.

If you're making a changes to your tariffs which requires a meter replacement, you'll need to pay upfront for the cost of this new meter.  Otherwise, you'll pay meter services charges in instalments on your bill.

Meter Services Charges

Only one primary network charge will apply at the same premises, however if you have both Tariff 31 and 33 you'll receive two controlled load charges. Solar charges only apply if you have a solar power system installed.

Network Tariff Class

Capital component
incl. GST

Non-capital component
incl. GST

incl. GST

Primary - cents per day




Controlled load - cents per day
(T31 & T33)




Solar - cents per day




Charges are based on Energex rates, under the Queensland Government's Uniform Tariff Policy to ensure customers in regional Queensland pay the same Metering Services Charges as customers in South East Queensland. Please refer to page 33 of the Energex Tariff Schedule 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 (PDF 556.8 kb) to see where these prices originated.

Your bill may look different to your neighbours depending on the type of tariffs you have at your house. Let's look at some examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have these charges been introduced?

The Australian Energy Regulator changed the way in which metering services are classified, which is helping the industry to transition to a fairer, more transparent way of billing metering costs. Previously, meter services charges were spread across all customers and wrapped up into network costs.

Does everyone have to pay this?

These changes apply to all customers across Queensland with a regulated meter.

If I'm a designated self-read customer, do I have to pay this charge?

Yes, you are still required to pay the metering services charges, as this covers the combined cost of the meter and operating, maintaining and reading your meter. While you may provide your own readings, we are still required to visit your property at least once a year to obtain readings.

Will I pay meter services charges if I have a card-operated meter?

No. Meter services charges do not apply to you, whether you are connected to the grid or not.  Card-operated metering costs are bundled in with other charges that Ergon Network passes through to Ergon Retail.

What if I want to change tariffs but it requires a new meter?

If you want to change tariffs and this requires a new meter you will be required to pay an upfront cost for that meter.

What if I am forced to get a new meter because the tariff no longer exists?

If the Queensland Competition Authority removes your tariff from its list of regulated prices without a transition period to another tariff, you will not be charged for the cost of a new meter.

What if my meter actually stops working? Do I have to pay for the replacement?

If your meter has malfunctioned and is no longer operational, we will cover the upfront cost of its replacement.

Will supply charges still appear on my bill?

Yes, these cover the costs of supplying and maintaining your electricity service, including costs such as poles and wires, billing and administration.

Don't supply charges cover metering?

No, they cover the costs of supplying and maintaining your electricity service, not your meters.

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