Changes to your bill

From 1 July 2016, you’ll see some tariff changes on your bill, with new electricity prices from the Queensland Competition Authority prices coming into effect , and some changes to metering charges set by the Australian Energy Regulator.

The pricing review process

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) sets the network price for electricity – this is the cost of delivering electricity to customers. The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) takes network prices determined by the AER and adds the cost of buying electricity from generators plus retailer costs to determine retail prices.

The QCA sets electricity prices in regional Queensland every year.  To ensure that people in regional Queensland are paying comparable prices to those in South East Queensland prices, the Queensland Government subsidises prices by around $500 million a year.  The actual costs of supplying electricity to customer in this large geographic area are far higher.

Prices from 1 July 2016

For a typical customer on Tariff 20, usage charges will increase while supply charges will decrease slightly.

The annual bill for a typical customer on Tariff 20 is expected to increase by just over 11 percent or around $240.

Businesses on Tariff 22A may see an increase of nearly 16 percent or around $660 to their annual bills.

Annual bills for typical large business customers will increase around 12 percent.

Pricing impacts for customers will vary according to how much and when they use electricity.

We encourage customers to read the QCA business factsheet for more information.

Metering Services Charge

As determined by the AER, your meter services charge is now separated from other network charges on your bill.

Ergon Energy customers have always paid the meter services charge, however it was spread across all customers and bundled into network charges. This meant that charges weren't clear on your account and that some customers were effectively subsidising others.

This new cost structure provides a more transparent way of billing metering costs so that customers are only required to pay for their own metering services. The aim is to move towards greater competition in metering services in the electricity market and greater customer choice in the future.

Upfront Meter Charge

If you change your tariff and need a new meter or would like to connect a newly-built premises, you'll need to pay upfront for your new meter.

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