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EnergyCheck is a FREE online energy monitoring tool helping thousands of Queensland businesses to save.

Here’s how EnergyCheck can help you can save too:

  • See your energy use history over the past day, week, month and year, and break it down into categories like lighting, cooling and more to see what you're spending where.
  • Access personalised savings recommendations with actions to improve your bottom line.
  • Learn how your energy use stacks up next to similar Queensland businesses*
  • Receive detailed energy use reports straight to your inbox to view when it suits you.

"It has provided good tips on running costs of lights, air conditioning and refrigeration which helps us run our business more efficiently" - Rodney from Dewdrop Inn Patchwork & Craft, Hervey Bay.


When it comes to your business, knowledge is power.

That’s why we’ve developed a free online tool that charts the ins, the outs, the ups and the downs of your business’ energy use.

Compare yourself to similar businesses, see which tariff is right for you, and discover ways you could save money.

You’ll also get handy regular reports sent to your inbox.

EnergyCheck. It’s all part of Ergon’s commitment to business. Register today at ergon.com.au/energycheck

"I mainly look at the section with the energy cost comparison, which compares similar businesses to mine. It gives me confidence that we are operating like others and spending the same or less budget in energy" – Trudy from Across Floors, Townsville.

“We could look at the energy efficiency suggestions and determine where we could adopt strategies that would best suit our activity” – Ian from Tippett Schrock Architects, Townsville.

*EnergyCheck is supplied to Ergon Energy Retail by 3rd party provider Yardi Systems Inc. All information entered into the portal will be recorded and retained by Yardi Systems Inc. This information is not collected or owned by Ergon Energy Retail. Energy comparisons will be made between Ergon Energy Retail customers in regional Queensland with similar energy requirements, based on the type and size of the business, opening hours and other determining factors. The comparison provided is an estimate only and is valid at the date on which the comparison is made. Ergon Energy Retail makes no warranties or representation as to the accuracy of the data provided by Yardi Systems Inc, nor does it warrant or represent that the recommendations made as to suitable products or processes are suitable for your business.

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