Introductory video

Show this video to your staff to introduce them to the concept of energy efficiency in the workplace.

The animated video presents simple tasks that everyone can do around the workplace to help your business be more energy efficient.


(yawns) Pwah what a day! Time to knock off aaaand switch off I reckon...

I said time to switch off I reckon!

Hey hang on, where are you going?

No, no that's fine you go home and I'll take the night shift!

It’s not like I had plans or anything...

What do we workers care if the lights get left on overnight, huh?!?

Let me explain.

See, what sounds like a drop in the ocean for you is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impact your business has on the environment. Not to mention the impact to your business’ overheads…

Take a look around and the dollars start to stack up! Dollars better spent on next year’s Christmas party if you ask me...

Ho Ho Ho

but what do I care..... I’m a light switch!?! I can party whenever I want!


Wake up guys!

See!! You leave one thing on, and before you know it, you’ve got a 24/7 party on your hands!!!

(party music)

And the coolest kid at the party is always the air conditioner... And can he guzzle the juice... take it easy mate!

So keep him in check – set to a cool 25 degrees in summer, and heating to 18 degrees in winter.

Now call me Captain Obvious but using a timer is the best way to stop the AC here from getting on the sauce.

That’s better.

Now, have you noticed there’s always an excuse to leave your computer on at night...

“I had an email in my outbox...”

“I.T. told me to...”

“The backup happens at night...”

“I’m downloading cat videos”

Whatever, blah, blah, blah, I’ve heard ‘em all! Just because you think your screen saver is pretty doesn’t make it any less of a waste of power.

“Oooh a fish tank…”

Seriously, screensavers went out of fashion in the ‘90’s along with parachute pants and rollerblades.

These days, they just waste power.

Then of course there’s the computer’s ‘girlfriend’ the printer.

Look at her!

Now, call me old fashion but when the lights turn out it’s time to sleep – so switch your printer to Energy Efficient mode and you’ll save any embarrassing misuse of energy.

Shirley, that’s enough. What would your mother say?

And last but not least, there’s me and my mates. We’re always the last ones standing... so it’s easy to forget us, I know.

And speaking of switches, if you switch to sensors, you could save heaps on your current usage... Which is awesome!

Oh hang on...

that’d put me out of a job, right?!...

heheheheheheh... well forget that bit...

Anyway, until next time, it’s lights out for me!

Still there.

Remember, it’s up to YOU to take control of your energy consumption around the office.

Go to motivating your staff at to see how we calculated the savings.

…Did I mention I’m scared of the dark…