EasyPay Rewards Terms and Conditions

Reward product eligibility – small business

If you have a new or existing small business electricity account (usage <100 megawatts per year) with Ergon Energy Retail you are eligible to apply for registration. Customers with Consolidated Billing are not eligible.

Reward product period

Your Reward product starts when you register and ends on 30 September 2020. Register by 30 September 2018 to ensure you receive all three (3) rewards. If you register after this time you may not receive all three rewards. We reserve the right to close the program to new participants at any time at our discretion.


Under this reward product you will receive a $120 adjustment on your bill once every 12 months from the registration date. This will be applied to your account in the following month, and you will see it on your next bill.  It is not subject to GST.


To register you simply need to:

  1. establish a SmoothPay payment schedule (your current account balance must be zero or in credit to set this up), and
  2. set up a Direct Debit, and
  3. nominate all bill recipients for e-Bill.

Eligibility for payment of rewards – your obligations

To be eligible for the payment of this reward you'll need to have:

  • set up and maintained your SmoothPay payment schedule, and
  • paid your bills by Direct Debit with no missed payments, and
  • received all account billing communications via e-mail with no delivery failure notices.

If you become ineligible for the reward within six months of payment, we may recover the reward payment if you:

  • do not meet the eligibility conditions but maintain your account
  • finalise the account that received the reward, but do not create a new Ergon Energy Retail account which is eligible for the reward
  • reapply for the program within the next year.

When could this reward product end early?

You will stop receiving this reward if you:

  • stop being a customer of Ergon Energy Retail
  • do not comply with all of your obligations.

What happens when this reward product ends?

If we are still your retailer when this reward product ends, we'll still supply you with energy under our standard retail contract, but with no rewards.

What happens with my electricity terms and conditions?

The reward product is not a product for the sale of energy and is a separate product to reward eligible participants who meet certain obligations under these terms. The terms for the supply of electricity to your premises are set out in our Standard Retail Contract.

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EasyPay Rewards has been extended!

Apply by 30 Sept 2018 to receive $75 each year for residential customers and $120 each year for businesses.