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Power through Insight Program terms and conditions

Power through Insight Program

Thank you for participating in the Power through Insight Program (PTIP or Program).  PTIP is part of the Queensland Government’s Regional Business Customer Support Package to assist regional businesses on “transitional and obsolete” tariffs which will no longer be available after 30 June 2020.  The aim of the Program is to provide large business customers on these tariffs with a digital meter to help them understand their electricity use, minimise their electricity costs and make informed choices about future tariff options.


  • All customers that elect to participate in PTIP will have a digital meter installed, free of standard installation charges and will have their gazetted meter charges (note: this is not referring to electricity charges or meter data collection or analysis charges) refunded from when the meter is installed to 30 June 2020 or for 12 months, whichever is the longer period of time.
  • All customers will have free access to My Account (or an equivalent online tool) to access their usage data and other useful services.
  • Customers that have been identified as having a non-compliant meter installation may benefit from up to a $1,000 supplement towards the cost of an electrician making their meter installation comply with the latest safety and metering requirements.
  • The cost of the meters and installation is being funded by the Queensland Government.  Subsidies for some switchboard upgrades will also be funded by the Queensland Government in certain circumstances.  Ergon Energy Retail is implementing the Program on their behalf.
  • If we reasonably consider that it is necessary to amend the terms of this Agreement to facilitate the proper and useful carrying out of the PTIP, we may amend them by notice to you.


  • To be eligible for the PTIP your business must:
    • Be invited by Ergon Energy Retail to apply;
    • Have an Electricity Account with Ergon Energy Retail with supply on the same non-residential electricity tariff for the past 12 months;
    • Own or legally occupy the nominated premises that are primarily used for business purposes;
    • Following the invitation, register via www.ergon.com.au/powerinsight by the due date.  Places are limited.
  • Your participation in the PTIP formally begins after you have been accepted to participate and your electricity meter has been replaced.


  • You will only be accepted into the PTIP if your meter box and switchboard are compliant with current electrical and safety standards. If upgrades are required to your installation you will be liable for these costs.  Subsidies of up to $1,000 may be available in certain circumstances.
  • By registering to join PTIP, you are formally requesting Ergon Energy Retail to upgrade your meter/s to a digital meter/s for each of the eligible account numbers and NMIs.
  • You will receive a notification which will provide a window in which the new meter installation will occur.  In most cases, the installation will involve a short interruption to your electricity supply (under four hours).


  • You consent to change your preferred billing correspondence method to email and Ergon Energy Retail will transmit bills and other correspondence to your nominated email address.
  • After your meter is changed, you agree to receive your bills monthly.


  • After the digital meter is installed your meter charges will change to the gazetted meter charge for a large standard asset customer - which is 141.078 cents/day (ex GST) for the 2018/19 financial year.  This amount will separately appear as a credit on your bill until 30 June 2020 or for 12 months from when the new meter is installed (whichever period of time is longer).  In the event that the PTIP is cancelled or terminated prior to 30 June 2020 then the credit for metering charges will also cease to be applied to your bill from the date of cancellation or early termination of the PTIP.
  • If more than one meter on a large business transitional tariff needs to be upgraded at the premises to meet regulations, then the charges for those meters will be also be credited based on the same terms as the first meter.


  • After you accept the offer to join PTIP we will register you for EnergyCheck (or equivalent application) and send you an email for you to login and create your own password.
  • You will be able to view all of your electricity consumption information and compare tariff options on this online portal provided by Ergon Energy Retail (currently, this is Energy Check).
  • For further information, visit ergon.com.au/energycheck.


  • You are free to change tariffs during your time as a PTIP participant.
  • You can review your tariff options through EnergyCheck (or equivalent application) or you can request a tariff review by calling Ergon Energy Retail on 1300 135 210.


For most participants the PTIP will end on 30 June 2020, unless:

  • You are removed from the PTIP and notified in writing prior to this date;
  • You withdraw from the PTIP with written notification prior to this date
  • We terminate or cancel the PTIP prior to this date; or
  • You cease to be a customer of Ergon Energy Retail at the PTIP site/s.
  • We reserve the right to alter the duration of the PTIP at any time and we may, at any time, withdraw our offer for you to participate in the PTIP.


  • At the completion of PTIP, you will have the information you need to move to an alternative tariff that best suits your needs (this will be necessary as one or more of your existing tariffs will expire in 2020).  Ergon Energy Retail representatives will assist you in this choice using the data transmitted by your new meter.
  • You will make the ultimate decision as to which tariff/s are the best for your business.
  • You will remain on monthly billing, no matter which tariff/s you choose.
  • The meter and communications device will remain at the Premises, however, as with all metering assets, they will continue to be the property of Ergon Energy Retail’s nominated metering provider.


  • These terms do not vary your existing Standard Retail Contract with Ergon Energy Retail or Standard Connection Contract with Ergon Energy Network.
  • The Queensland Government and participating industry groups may access your account information and personal details provided in application forms for the purpose of assessing the outcomes of PTIP and to assist in the identification of standard tariff options to suit your business
  • We are collecting, using and disclosing your personal information for the purposes of assessing your eligibility to participate in the PTIP, communicating with you during the PTIP and to assist in the identification of standard tariff options to suit your business. You are entitled to access any personal information that Ergon Energy holds about you by contacting us on 13 10 46. View Ergon Energy’s privacy policy online at ergon.com.au.


If you have any questions about your participation in PTIP, please contact:


Participant’, ‘You’ or ‘Your’ means the owner, occupier and Electricity Account holder at the Premises who agrees to participate in the PTIP.
‘Agreement’ means the contract between Ergon Energy Network, Ergon Energy Retail and the participant concerning the PTIP.
‘Electricity Account’ means the electricity sale contract between Ergon Energy Retail and the participant.
‘Ergon Energy’ or ‘Ergon Energy Network’ means Ergon Energy Corporation Limited ABN 50 087 646 062, and its subsidiaries, its employees, contractors and agents.
‘Ergon Energy Retail’, ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means Ergon Energy Queensland ABN 11 121 177 802, and its subsidiaries, its employees, contractors and agents.
‘Premises’ means the physical location of the property as specified by the Participant, with an eligible Electricity Account.