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Power through Insight Program

The Power through Insight Program is a Queensland Government-funded initiative to help large businesses manage their energy costs by:

  • better understanding their usage and demand patterns
  • accessing information that will help them to make smarter tariff choices as the tariff structure changes in regional Queensland in 2020.

Program details

The program is for large, private sector businesses that do not have the digital meter technology to collect detailed usage data and are affected by the expiration of transitional tariffs in July 2020.

Participants will have their meter technology upgraded (at the eligible site) to digital meters that are capable of:

  • capturing detailed half-hourly usage and demand data that is accessible through Ergon Energy Retail’s online portal
  • being remotely read on a daily basis through the 3G/4G network
  • sending data on a daily basis making monthly billing possible.

Installation will be free and participants will be refunded their first 12 months of digital meter service fees. Some sites may also be eligible for a subsidy where there are specific issues with the upgrade due to switchboard compliance and capability issues.

Each business will receive support to help them understand their demand data and find the most cost-effective tariffs.

Current tariffLikely replacement tariffs

Tariff 20L General Supply

Tariff 22L Time of Use

Tariff 37 Time of Use

Tariff 62 Declining Block Time of Use

Tariff 65 Time of Use

Tariff 66 Demand

Tariff 44 Demand

Tariff 45 Demand

Tariff 46 Demand

Tariff 50 Seasonal Demand Time of Use

Why do I need more information on my usage and demand patterns?

Electricity providers around the world are changing the way electricity is metered and charged. Demand-based tariffs are being introduced for businesses and residential customers to help make pricing fairer and more reflective of the actual costs of supplying electricity. Those who use more from the network at a single point in time are placing higher demand on the network infrastructure and this may require upgrades so it can cope with those demand levels. By adding a demand dimension to the pricing, these costs will be more fairly applied.

Traditionally, electricity charges have been based on total usage (kWh/MWh) over a period of time (eg. one or three months) or with prices varying for different times or seasons (time of use). Demand tariffs measure a third dimension in electricity supply – the amount of electricity that is used from the network at any given point in time. In the case of Ergon Energy Retail, this is the average total amount of electricity used during each half hour block.

Without accurate data about a businesses’ demand in any half hour time block, it is difficult to determine which demand tariff might be the most cost effective for a business, or what tweaks a business might need to make to its operations or equipment to ensure savings (or minimise any future increases).

What do I do with the data collected from my meter?

You will be able to access your digital meter data through My Account where you can see your data and compare the cost of your current usage against other available tariffs as well as compare your energy use with similar Queensland businesses.

Find out more about our range of large business demand tariffs.

If you would like support during the program, you can call our Business Support Team – details below. If you have a dedicated account manager, they will help you through the process.

An independent energy efficiency consultant can help your business decide on changes that can keep costs down.

Will it cost my business anything to participate?

There will be no costs in the first 12 months for most businesses. Where your switchboard is not compliant or there are there are multiple meters on the same switchboard, some costs may have to be borne by the business (there are some subsidies in certain circumstances).

After 12 months, standard meter service charges will apply. These can vary but are generally around $515 a year.

How does my business join?

Register your interest online today and we'll be in contact from there.