Solar Soak Calculator

IMPORTANT: This calculator is not suitable for customers with export limits on their solar system.
About your rooftop solar
What is the normal cost of electricity (c/kWh) you are charged between 10am - 2pm on a weekday?
c/kWh (inc GST)
What are you paid (c/kWh) by your Retailer for sending electricity (exporting) back to the network?
c/kWh (inc GST)
What is the size of your solar panel array on your roof (kW)?
Estimated average daily export from your sized solar system (if not export limited)~.
Appliances you could change to run between 10am to 2pm
Tick the boxes that apply to you.
Pool pump (Energy efficient)
Pool Pump (fixed speed)
Hot water (element)
Hot water (Heat pump)
Clothes Dryer (element)
Washing Machine
Air conditioner
* To minimise any use of network supplied electricity and possibly increase your savings, make sure that
(i) the kWh don't exceed what you would export daily, and
(ii) the total of the loads (calculated by adding up the input power of each appliance) does not exceed your solar inverter's capacity,
or your savings may be less.
~ A solar PV system produces about 4 times the electricity (kWH) of its size (kW). Average daily export is based on customers exporting approximately 55% of their daily generation (if not export limited).
  • Pool pump: Energy efficient pool pump uses 400W, a fixed speed uses 1kW for the full four hours
  • Hot water: Element is 1.8kW running for 2 hours, Heat pump is 1kW for 3 hours
  • Clothes Dryer: Single, 1 hour dry daily, 2.4kW rated load
  • Dishwasher: 2 hours daily, 2.4kW rated load
  • Washing Machine: 1 hour, 5 times a week, 500W, warm wash cycle with hot water from tap.
  • Air conditioner: 6kW cooling capacity reverse cycle single-split system, 1 hour during summer weekdays, at full capacity. 1.5kW load
  • Oven: 1 hour, 5 times a week. 3.6kW load
The above calculator is provided as an indicative guide of possible savings that a typical customer with rooftop solar might be able to achieve by using more electrical appliances between 10am – 2pm. The calculator uses various assumptions of input power used by electrical appliances and is not tailored to your household situation and the actual input power of the electrical appliances that you own. [Energex/Ergon Energy] does not guarantee that you will necessarily achieve the level of savings that the calculator shows may be possible and accepts no liability to you in respect of the use you make of the calculator and any subsequent decision you may make to change your electricity usage habits.