Our EV plan

We're implementing a range of initiatives to both meet the needs of an emerging market of electric vehicle (EV) owners, and prepare our networks and business for the potential challenges and opportunities that EV charging will create.

Network Electric Vehicles Tactical Plan

There are ten initiatives outlined in our Network Electric Vehicles Tactical Plan.

  1. Advise EV salespeople, EV charger installers and customers about beneficial charging options
  2. Enhance the network connection process for both private and public EV charging stations
  3. Scope energy management opportunities presented by EVs
  4. Enable Vehicle-to-Grid (including Vehicle-to-Building) EV connections
  5. Implement mechanisms to identify private EV charger locations
  6. Develop an EV data repository
  7. Further research EV charging behaviours, network impacts and EV owner experiences
  8. Deploy an EV stakeholder engagement framework
  9. Establish network monitoring in areas of high EV penetration
  10. Quantify the benefits to the network business of the customer adoption of EVs.

Please open the document 'Preparing for an exciting electrified future' to read more.

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