Where to locate your battery storage system

To ensure your battery storage system operates at an optimal level and achieves its expected service life you'll need to think about where you locate the system.

Here are our top seven things to consider when deciding where to install your battery storage system:

  1. Ventilation and heat Batteries need to be in well-ventilated areas and away from sources of heat, including direct sunlight.
  2. Accessibility Your battery should be easily accessible for maintenance.
  3. Safety A battery storage system should be enclosed and have suitable warning signs indicating that a large amount of energy is stored within.
  4. Protection Batteries should be protected from vermin and weather.
  5. Isolation You need to be able to quickly isolate your battery from the electricity network in the case of an emergency.
  6. Weight Batteries can be quite heavy so a structural engineer may be needed to review the storage location and recommend appropriate fittings to meet building codes.
  7. Inside or outside? Installing a battery storage system inside your home or business is often not the best solution.

Moving premises

It is possible to take your battery system with you when you move house, so long as a qualified electrician performs the task and notifies your electricity distributor (eg. Ergon Energy Network). However, a battery system can weigh over 500kg and may be considered a fixture of the house when selling.