Finding a battery installer

Currently there is no national certification process for battery storage system installers.

Here are some things to investigate to help you find a reputable installer:

  1. Registered electrical contractor We recommend you use an installer that is a registered electrical contractor in Queensland.
  2. Clean Energy Council The Clean Energy Council provides a register of solar PV installers, many of whom, but not all, are knowledgeable in connecting battery storage systems.
  3. Experienced contractor You should check that the contractor you choose has experience in the installation of battery storage systems, has appropriate up-to-date insurances and is part of a reputable business which will be around for a long time should you have any warranty issues with your battery storage system.
  4. Maintenance of your battery storage system Manufacturers may void the warranty if your battery storage system is not maintained properly. Before you purchase your battery storage system, find out what the costs are for a maintenance plan. You should also know the expected life of the battery and battery replacement and disposal costs.