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Safety Heroes primary school education program

In 2017, our Safety Heroes program will be held during Electricty Safety Week from 4 to 8 September, in primary schools throughout Queensland.

Teaching kids safe habits around electricity and electrical equipment at an early age is a smart investment for the future.  Feedback shows that primary school aged children are enthusiastic learners of such practical advice and are often keen to share their lessons at home with mum and dad.

Get involved now - it's easy

Registrations are now open to primary schools in our network area to receive a Free resource pack for Electricity Safety Week 2017!

What to do

  1. Register your school by emailing your name, school and mailing address to ErgonESW@primary-pr.com by Friday, 18 August 2017 so your pack can be delivered.
  2. Encourage your school to get involved in Electricity Safety Week!
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