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Home safety

Electricity is an important part of our everyday lives, but it's easy to forget that electricity can also be dangerous. 'Take care, stay line aware' and use our simple tips to keep you and your family safe around your home.

Download our electricity safety guide (PDF 2.2 mb) to keep on hand.

  • Take care, stay line aware

    See our latest TV commercials that encourage everyone to 'Take care, stay line aware' around electricity.

  • Inside the home

    It's important to ensure safety is always a priority inside your home. Follow these guidelines to help you to remain Always Safe.

  • Outside the home

    When using electricity outdoors or working near powerlines be aware of potential safety dangers.

  • Storm & cyclone safety

    In Queensland it's vital to be prepared for storm season. Follow these guidelines to prepare for a storm and deal with the aftermath safely.

  • Trees & powerlines

    Trees and powerlines can be a dangerous combination. Learn about planting the right trees near powerlines and the service wire to your premises.

  • Festive lighting

    If you are planning to decorate your home for that special occasion or at Christmas, follow these simple safety tips.

  • Surges & spikes

    Surges and spikes can damage appliances and cause fires. This information will help you to avoid them.

  • Flood safety

    Flood water is dangerous and can have major impacts on the electricity network and your home. These tips can help you to stay safe.

  • Generator safety & use

    A portable generator can help life get back to normal during a power outage but using it safely is essential.

  • Solar power safety

    Find out more about solar power system safety before, during and after a severe weather event.

  • Property poles & privately owned powerlines

    Your responsibilities regarding the maintenance and repair of property poles and privately owned powerlines.

  • Emergency numbers

    Keep these numbers handy in case you experience an emergency situation.