Responsibilities of business owners

If you are a business owner you have obligations under the Electrical Safety Act (2002) to ensure the safe use of electricity in the workplace.

The Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 sets out specific requirements about electrical equipment and installations at a workplace.

The regulation covers some of the things that you must do as a minimum, including:

  • Protecting extension leads and flexible cables from damage
  • Using safety switches in certain situations
  • Inspecting, testing and tagging certain electrical equipment on a regular basis
  • Removing defective equipment from service
  • Removing safety switches from service if they are not working properly
  • Using powerboards
  • Having a licensed electrical contractor install extra outlets if necessary
  • Ensuring extension cords are regularly tested and tagged
  • Ensuring extension leads and flexible cables are protected and not damaged by anything (including liquid). For example, using a flexible cover to provide protection against crushing or other damage in pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas.