Property poles & privately owned powerlines

Power poles made from timber, concrete or steel, which support the overhead powerlines to your home or other buildings within your property boundary, and do not supply another customer, are called property poles. These poles are owned by the property owner.

Unsafe power poles can lead to fires or electric shock. If you own a power pole then keeping it safe is your responsibility. Is your property pole safe?

Poles owned by us can be identified through a pole number, which is located approximately 2.4 metres above the ground on the side of the pole.

Property poles, powerlines and safety

When checking a property pole, the cross arm supporting the powerline, or the powerline itself, always check from the ground. Do not climb the pole. Do not touch the powerline.

If you see a fallen powerline, stay well clear and call triple zero (000).

'Take care, stay line aware' and look out for overhead powerlines on or near your property when carrying long objects (especially metal) such as ladders.  Also, take care when you are cleaning gutters or working near the electrical connection point to a building or other structure.

Trees growing into or near powerlines are dangerous. They can bring down powerlines or interrupt your electricity supply. Generally, the clearing of trees away from privately owned powerlines is the responsibility of the property owner. Always contact a professional arborist or tree pruning specialist to carry out the work.

Read about our Plant Smart program for more information on vegetation management and how you can avoid using plants that may cause problems for powerlines.

Do you rent a property with a property pole?

It is important that you notify the property owner or your rental agent immediately if you think that a property pole or powerline on the property you are renting requires maintenance or repair.

If the property owner or your rental agent does not take prompt action to ensure the pole or powerline is restored to serviceable condition, please contact us on 13 22 96, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Property pole maintenance

For safety and reliability of electricity supply it is important to regularly check and maintain property poles.

Over time, poles can deteriorate through decay, termite damage or rust. If this occurs it can weaken the pole resulting in the pole leaning or falling over, potentially injuring people or damaging surrounding property.

A fallen pole may also bring down the powerline supplying electricity to your home or business. This is not only dangerous - as fallen powerlines can kill - but the electricity supply to your home will be interrupted until the pole can be replaced by your licensed electrical contractor.

How to check a property pole

Regularly inspect around the base of the pole to make sure there is no decay, sign of termites, rust or other damage.

If your pole has a cross arm (a structure attached near the top of the pole that supports the powerline) look at it from the ground and check that it appears to be in good condition.

If you suspect that the pole has rust, termite damage or decay at its base, or you are concerned about the cross arm or the general condition and/or safety of the pole, contact a licensed electrical contractor. Have them check the pole and repair it if necessary.

Have the pole inspected by a licensed electrical contractor at least every five years.

You can find a licensed electrical contractor in your local directory, online or by calling the Master Electricians Australia on 1300 889 198 or by calling the National Electrical and Communications Association on (07) 3276 7950.

Download our Property Poles and Privately Owned Powerlines brochure   (PDF 1.2 mb) for further information.