Be prepared for Summer

Summer … a time of BBQs, long cool drinks, ice creams and walks on the beach. But as Queensland locals, we know only too well that Summer can also bring unpredictable weather.

So it’s important to be prepared for Summer and the unpredictable storms that often accompany it.

The to-do list you can’t ignore

When storm season comes around, it’s generally not ‘if’ but ‘when’ one will hit. So it’s important to be prepared by having your storm kit packed and ready.

A picture of a storm kit
Get the checklist for your storm kit

Be in the know if the power goes out

We know that sometimes during storm season the power can go out unexpectedly. Our Outage Finder is the place to go for the most up to date info on when power will be restored.

Power out?  Use our outage finder for the latest information.
Find out what's happening in your area

If powerlines come down

You can be prepared for summer by knowing what to do if powerlines come down in a storm.

Fallen powerlines near scout hut
What to do around fallen powerlines

Now you're ready for whatever summer’s got in store.