Storm facts

Here are some interesting facts about storms from the Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Severe thunderstorms can occur at any time of the year in Queensland. However, most strike between September and March when the supply of solar energy is greatest
  • South-east Queensland (and the central New South Wales coast) experiences the most damaging individual storms anywhere in Australia
  • On average, a severe thunderstorm can produce approximately 6,000 lightning strikes every minute
  • Each year, on average, severe storms are responsible for more damage (as measured by insurance costs) than tropical cyclones, earthquakes, floods, or bushfires
  • Most thunderstorms do not reach the level of intensity needed to produce flash floods, cyclones, wind gusts, or hail, but they all produce lightning which can cause death, injury and damage
  • Storms do kill people. In Australia, lightning accounts for five to ten deaths and more than 100 injuries annually. More deaths occur when strong winds cause tree limbs to fall, debris to become projectiles and small boats in open water to capsize
  • Average lightning bolts carry a current of 10,000 to 30,000 amps.  An average radiator draws ten amps.