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Tariff initiative for irrigators terms and conditions

If you apply and are accepted to participate in the Tariff Initiative for Irrigators ('Initiative'), you are taken to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You hold an Electricity Account as a small customer with an Electricity Retailer in the Ergon Energy Network area for supply at the Premises.
  2. You own or legally occupy the Premises within the Controlled Load Tariff Group Area that is used primarily for agricultural purposes.
  3. You have pumping or related agricultural energy used as the main appliances connected to that supply point (meter), and you warrant that these uses are not incompatible with being connected to an interruptible electricity supply tariff.
  4. You agree to change the pumping or related agricultural energy uses at the nominated National Metering Identifier (NMI) to be connected to a load control tariff (for example Tariff 331) or the equivalent underlying Ergon Network Volume Controlled Network Tariff (as a secondary tariff) and where required by your Electricity Retailer, to retain a separate primary tariff at that NMI for any other electricity uses.
  5. You acknowledge that Tariff 33 is normally only offered as a secondary tariff in conjunction with a primary tariff. As part of this Initiative, a limited number of customers may be accepted by Ergon Energy Retail to utilise Tariff 33 as a primary tariff, without requiring a second tariff, for a limited period up until 30 June 2020 or until a primary load control tariff is developed (whichever comes first).  At the conclusion of this period you will be transferred to the primary load control tariff or another eligible default tariff option of your choice, if you are no longer eligible for Tariff 33 or it is not applicable. You will be responsible for the cost of any tariff changes at the end of this period, if applicable. The number of customers accepted to utilise Tariff 33 as a primary tariff will be limited to 50, with up to 3 individual pumping sites (defined as individual National Metering Identifiers) per customer permitted.
  6. If a primary tariff for business load control were to be developed in the future it may not resemble Tariff 33.
  7. You acknowledge and agree that:
    • in accordance with the Tariff Schedule set out in the Queensland Government Gazette, supply under Tariff 33 is available for a minimum of 18 hours per day, with off-times being variable and at the discretion of Ergon Energy Network;
    • in some areas, we use a dynamic network load management system. In these areas, we will only switch Tariff 33 off for genuine localised system constraints to maintain security of network supply;
    • as actual Tariff 33 off-times vary considerably by network location, we will advise you of the typical off-times in your area, at the time of application to be part of the Initiative, to help you assess if Tariff 33 is a viable option for your operations;
    • we currently give no advance notice about Tariff 33 switching times, however, this may be available at some time during the future;
    • you will be solely responsible for any increase in energy costs from participating in the Initiative, compared to what your costs would have been on the original tariff; and
    • any consequence, financial or otherwise, of loss of supply during the Tariff 33 off-times is solely your responsibility.
  8. You will permit the installation of appropriate metering at your nominated connection point. You will be notified before this happens, and the equipment connected to that metering point will be without electricity for a short period of time while the meter and equipment is being installed.
  9. Your participation in the Initiative will commence after you have been accepted to participate and your electricity meter has been replaced or upgraded (to a digital meter) if required.
  10. Your participation in the Initiative will end immediately if you arrange through your Electricity Retailer to remove Tariff 33.
  11. You can change tariffs at any time, subject to the tariff rules specified by your Electricity Retailer and as set out in the Queensland Government Gazette. If your previous tariff was a transitional tariff, this will remain available, as set out in the Queensland Government Gazette.
  12. You acknowledge that digital meters are billed monthly as standard.
  13. You agree to participate in Participant Surveys as required.
  14. You agree to allow your Electricity Retailer, Ergon Energy Network, the Queensland Government and participating industry groups access to your account information, including consumption data, and personal details provided in application forms and customers surveys, for the purpose of assessing the outcomes of the Initiative and assisting in development of tariff options to suit the needs of primary producers.
  15. You will only be accepted into the Initiative if your meter box and switchboard comply with current electrical and safety standards. If any work is needed to upgrade the meter box or switchboard, you will be solely liable for all costs. Where a switchboard has been identified as non-compliant, you will need to provide evidence of works to bring the switchboard up to required standards, if you wish to participate in the Initiative.
  16. We may, in our absolute discretion and at any time, withdraw our offer for you to participate in the Initiative.
  17. You acknowledge that it is unlawful for any electrical work to be carried out at the Premises by any person who is not suitably qualified and licensed.
  18. This Agreement does not vary your Standard Connection Contract with Ergon Energy Network.
  19. You will be responsible for any upfront or on-going metering charges associated with any metering upgrades required to change tariffs, as applied by your Electricity Retailer.
  20. You will not incur any additional charges for the load control receiver installed for the purposes of the Initiative.
  21. If we reasonably consider that it is necessary to amend the terms of this Agreement to facilitate the proper and useful carrying out of the Initiative, we may amend them by notice to you.
  22. We are collecting, using and disclosing your personal information for the purposes of assessing your eligibility to participate in the Initiative, communicating with you during the Initiative and to assist with the development of tariff options to suit the needs of primary producers. You are entitled to access any personal information that Ergon Energy holds about you by contacting us on 13 10 46. Ergon Energy’s privacy policy is available at www.ergon.com.au


Agreement means this agreement between you and Ergon Energy Network concerning the Initiative.

Controlled Load Tariff Group Area is within the Eastern or Western Pricing Zone of the Ergon Energy Network distribution area, and is an area that is serviced by Ergon Energy Network’s Audio Frequency Load Control system. This excludes customers connected to the Mount Isa or Isolated Networks.

Electricity Account means the electricity sale contract between you and your Electricity Retailer.

Electricity Retailer has the meaning given to the term ‘retailer’ in the Electricity Act 1994 (Qld).

Ergon Energy or Ergon Energy Network, we, us and our means Ergon Energy Corporation Limited ABN 50 087 646 062, and its subsidiaries, its employees, contractors and agents.

Participant, you and your means the owner, occupier and Electricity Account holder at the Premises who agrees to participate in the Initiative.

Participant Surveys means the questionnaires completed by the participant before, during and after the conclusion of the Initiative.

Premises means the physical location of the property as specified by you, with an eligible Electricity Account.

Tariff 33 means the tariff named Tariff 33, as published in the Queensland Government Gazette, or the underlying Ergon Energy Network Volume Controlled Network Tariff.


1 Some Retailers may refer to load controlled Tariff 33 by a different name