Price List for Alternative Control Services

The Alternative Control Services (ACS) prices and product codes that apply in our electricity distribution area from 1 July 2022 are shown in our 2022-23 Network Price List (XLSX 895.3 kb).

Further information about ACS services and pricing methodology can be found in our latest Pricing Proposal on our Network Tariffs webpage.

ACS are customer specific and/or customer requested services. They are either price capped services (fee-based services) for standard types of services, or price on application (quoted services) for services with a scope not known in advance.

ACS are comprised of:

  • Connection services – services relating to the electrical or physical connection of a customer to the network. Examples include temporary connections, de-energisations, re-energisations, temporary connections and supply abolishment.
  • Metering services – services include Type 5 and 6 default metering services (meter maintenance, reading and data services) and auxiliary metering services (Type 5 and 6 meter removal and disposal, meter re-configuration and customer requested meter investigations).
  • Public lighting services – services relate to the provision, installation and maintenance of public lighting assets and emerging public lighting technology.
  • Network ancillary services – customer and third party initiated services related to the common distribution network services but for which a separate charge applies. Examples include network safety services, non-standard network data requests and removal or re-arrangement of network assets.

Product codes for our quoted services (price on application) are show in the Quoted services product codes table (XLSX 17.6 kb).

Previous price lists

The previous 2021-22 Network Price List (XLSX 508.3 kb) expires on 30 June 2022.