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Lifestyle network tariff

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has approved a new cost-reflective residential network tariff, called the "Lifestyle network tariff".

This new network tariff is innovative and designed to enable electricity retailers to offer you more choice and control over your power costs.

The Lifestyle network tariff has three charging components:

  1. A network access allowance fixed charge (in $/month) which varies depending on your nominated network access band for the summer peak window
  2. A summer peak top-up charge (in $/kWh)
  3. A volume charge (in $/kWh) applied to all your metered consumption for the billing period.

Electricity Retailers may offer a retail tariff based on the structure of the Lifestyle network tariff.

For more information about the Lifestyle network tariff please refer to our 2019-20 Annual Pricing Proposal (PDF 1.6 mb).