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AreaReport typeDescriptionDate issuedSubmission closes
Barcaldine, Blackall & Longreach (PDF, 331.5 KB)This notice of no non-network options is published to advise the preferred network option is to replace the assets in poor condition.01 Jul 2020
Barcaldine (PDF, 1.3 MB)Invitation to submit non-network solutions to address identified network constraints.30 Sep 2020
Cannonvale-Shute Harbour (PDF, 1.4 MB)Non-Network Options ReportCannonvale 66/11kV substation (CANN) and the surrounding 66 kV sub-transmission network supplies approximately 7,198 customers including major customers such as the Proserpine Sugar Mill, Hamilton Island, South Molle Island and Daydream Island. The 66 kV sub-transmission network in the Cannonvale and Jubilee Pocket area consists of radial 66 kV timber pole lines with a number of sections of underground cable. There is currently no remote switching capability. In its current state, due to the radial nature of the network and the reliance upon manual switching, a credible fault on the sub-transmission network in the Cannonvale and Jubilee Pocket area would mean that load cannot be restored within the requirements of the Safety Net security criteria, with this situation worsening as load increases. This report is an invitation to registered participants and interested parties to make submissions on credible options to address this identified need.24 Jun 201919 Sep 2019
Chinchilla (PDF, 866.7 KB)No Non-Network Options Report for the Chinchilla RIT-D.29 Oct 2020
Chinchilla (PDF, 1.1 MB)Addressing Reliability Requirements in the Chinchilla Network Area. Final Project Assessment Report.23 Feb 2021
Cloncurry (PDF, 1.5 MB)This report is the first stage of the consultation process for the application of the RIT-D on potential credible options to address the needs at Cloncurry.13 Feb 2020
East Bundaberg (PDF, 329.4 KB)Bundaberg is a regional city located 360km north of Brisbane with a population of approximately 93,000 people. East Bundaberg 66/11kV Zone Substation (EABU) is located on the eastern edge of Bundaberg city and supplies a diverse mix of industrial, residential, and agricultural zones. There are approximately 8900 customers connected to the distribution network, including a number of major commercial and industrial customers located in Bundaberg and further north at Burnett Heads. A condition assessment of East Bundaberg Zone Substation (EABU) has identified assets that are recommended for replacement. These assets are forecast to reach retirement based on a combination of Condition Based Risk Management (CBRM) modelling and known issues with problematic plant, which are required to be replaced or decommissioned to manage the safety and network risks associated with unplanned failure. The internal investigations undertaken on the feasibility of the non-network solutions revealed that it is unlikely to find a complete non-network solution or a hybrid (combined network and non-network) solution to provide the magnitude of network support required in the East Bundaberg area to address the identified need. The preferred network option is to replace the assets in poor condition. This notice of no non-network options is therefore published in accordance with rule 5.17.4(d) of the National Electricity Rules. As the next step in the RIT-D process, Ergon Energy will now proceed to publish a Final Project Assessment Report.23 Jun 2020
East Bundaberg (PDF, 1.4 MB)This report represents the final stage of the consultation process on the potential credible options to address the identified need.11 Jan 2021
Kingaroy (PDF, 1.8 MB)Read how we're addressing the reliability requirements in the Kingaroy Area.15 Mar 2021
Maryborough (PDF, 430.4 KB)This project addresses poor condition assets, compliance Safety Net provisions, and compliance with performance standards as set out in the NER.27 Feb 2020
Pialba (PDF, 356.0 KB)Read the No Non Network Options report for the Pialba substation.03 Apr 2020
Pleystowe (PDF, 844.9 KB)Find out how it's been determined that no non-network solutions can meet the identified need or form a significant part of a solution.08 Oct 2020
Point Vernon (PDF, 373.2 KB)Information about the internal assessment that determined no non-network solutions can meet the identified need or form a significant part of the solution.12 Jun 2020
Rockhampton South (PDF, 1.0 MB)Network investment is essential for continuation of supply to the consumers in the Rockhampton South supply area in a reliable, safe and cost-effective manner.26 Feb 2021
Turkinje (PDF, 473.5 KB)Info on this project that addresses the risk to safety and network security posed by poor condition and problematic assets.07 Oct 2020