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Regulatory test consultations

We're always working to identify limitations or constraints in our distribution network. When we propose to establish a new, large distribution asset to address a constraint, Registered Participants and Interested Parties are invited to offer alternative solutions that satisfy the Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution (RIT-D).

We analyse the different options and prepare a report, and our current consultation reports can be viewed below. 

New consultation reports will soon be available in our RIT-D Partner Portal, so make sure you register now to receive notifications when new reports are published (registration and login details are provided below).

Further information about how we're managing the network can be found in our Distribution Annual Planning Report.

Our requirements under the National Electricity Rules

Under the National Electricity Rules, if we're proposing to establish a new, large distribution asset to address a constraint, then we're required to:

  • consult with Registered Participants, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and Interested Parties on the anticipated limitation and options to address the constraint, within the timeframe required for corrective action
  • carry out a detailed economic cost effectiveness analysis of options to identify solutions that satisfy the Regulatory Test
  • prepare a report for affected Registered Participants, the AEMO and Interested Parties which includes an assessment of all identified options, details of the preferred solution and the recommended action to be taken.

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The RIT-D Partner Portal is the new way to interact with us for Regulatory Investment Test activities. It replaces the Alert Service subscription you may have had with Ergon Energy.

Register for our RIT-D Partner Portal to:

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  • submit enquiries
  • see all RIT-D activities currently being undertaken in the Ergon Energy network.

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Current consultations

AreaReport typeDescriptionDate issuedSubmission closes
Charleville (PDF, 1.4 MB)Non-Network Options ReportThe Static VAR Compensator (SVC) at Charleville zone substation is approaching the end of its design life and it is recommended for replacement on the basis of its age and reliability. The SVC performs the function of maintaining stable voltages at both high and low load times. The SVC also provides some Negative Phase Sequence (NPS) correction to address voltage balance issues associated with SWER networks. The SVC is critical to the provision of ongoing voltage/VAR support, and to meet Ergon Energy’s corporate strategic objectives. Without reactive compensation, 66kV supply at Charleville and the far south western Queensland suffers from poor voltage regulation. This report is an invitation to registered participants and interested parties to make submissions on credible options to address this identified need.12 Jan 201816 Apr 2018
Charlton Area (PDF, 1.2 MB)Final Project Assessment ReportErgon Energy is responsible for electricity supply to the Charlton, Wellcamp, Kingsthorpe and Westbrook areas, west of Toowoomba. We have identified emerging limitations in the electricity distribution network supplying the area, as the load on the Torrington 110/33/11kV substation has been steadily increasing due to increasing numbers of residential, commercial and industrial customers. The region is poised for further significant growth. Should additional works not be completed in this region, it is likely that significant voltage and capacity constraints could present when additional customers begin to connect. We have determined that there will not be a non-network option that is a potential credible option, or that forms a significant part of a potential credible option. As per the “Screening for non-network options report”, we determined that the most appropriate technical and economic network solution to the network constraint was the establishment of a 33/11kV, 10MVA Skid Substation on the corner of Meehan and Wirth Roads, Charlton.30 Sep 201530 Oct 2015
Gracemere Area (PDF, 1.7 MB)Final ReportErgon Energy has identified increasing risks to reliable supply in the electricity distribution network supplying the Gracemere area. A Regulatory Test was completed (though the requirement for consultation changed during the process). The loads on Ergon Energy’s Malchi 66/11kV Zone Substation and subsequent 11kV network have progressively increased such that the Regulatory Test is satisfied via the Market Benefits limb for construction of a compact substation at the Gracemere site (a New Small New Network Asset), with completion by November 2018.05 May 2016
Emerald (PDF, 197.1 KB)The Expressions of Interest for Emerald Reactive Support closed on 21 March 2017. We have received four expressions of interest which potentially meet the reactive support needs for Emerald Zone Substation. Following due diligence, we will seek formal approvals through normal governance and provide further direction for the for proponents.21 Apr 2017

Closed consultations

View the Closed consultations webpage to see the list of Regulatory Test Consultations that have now concluded.

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