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Referral agency

In order to carry out certain types of developments, an application for a development permit may be required.

Some applications may need to be referred to other organisations, which can make recommendations and offer advice on the conditions of an application. These organisations are known as referral agencies. For a full list of referral triggers, please refer to Schedule 7 of the Sustainable Planning Regulations 2009.

Referral requirements

Ergon Energy is a referral agency for the following types of development:

Reconfiguring a lot if any part of the lot is:

  • subject to an Ergon Energy easement
  • situated within 100m of an Ergon Energy substation site

Material change of use if any part of the lot, structure or work:

  • is subject to an Ergon Energy easement
  • will be located wholly or partly in the Ergon Energy easement
  • is situated within 100m of an Ergon Energy substation site

Operational work (filling or excavation) if:

  • any part of the premises is subject to an Ergon Energy easement
  • the work is located wholly or partly within 10m of an Ergon Energy substation site

Find out more about development applications in Queensland.

Making a referral enquiry

To make an enquiry regarding electricity infrastructure referral requirements, please complete our referral enquiry form.

Referring an application

Applications can be referred to Ergon Energy by email to: townplanning@ergon.com.au

If the document file size is too large to email, please save a copy of your application to a CD, USB memory stick or other digital storage device and post it to us at:

Town Planning
Ergon Energy
PO Box 264
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

You are not required to submit a hardcopy of your application.

For assistance, please contact our town planning group on (07) 3851 6530, 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or email townplanning@ergon.com.au

Queensland electricity networks

There are several organisations that manage Queensland’s electricity networks.

Powerlink owns, maintains and operates the high voltage electricity transmission network across Queensland. This high voltage network transports electricity between power generators and electricity distribution supply networks.

Ergon Energy and Energex own, maintain and operate Queensland’s electricity distribution supply networks that deliver electricity to homes and businesses. The Energex network supplies customers in south-east Queensland, while Ergon Energy services the regional, rural and remote areas of Queensland.

Essential Energy owns, maintains and operates an electricity distribution supply network in parts of regional NSW and a small area of Queensland near Goondiwindi.


Electricity easements are corridors of land, which allow us the right of clear access on a permanent basis to construct, operate, inspect, maintain and repair our power lines and other network infrastructure.

They also play an important role in ensuring that power lines are located a safe distance from habitable structures.

While the land used for an easement remains the property of the landowner, restrictions may apply to the use and development of the land.

Ergon Energy easements include those that are held by Ergon Energy or the six regional Queensland electricity distribution companies that were amalgamated in 1999 to form Ergon Energy:

  • Far North Queensland Electricity Corporation Limited (FNQEB)
  • North Queensland Electricity Corporation Limited (NORQEB)
  • Mackay Electricity Corporation Limited (MEB)
  • Capricornia Electricity Corporation Limited (CAPELEC)
  • Wide Bay-Burnett Electricity Corporation Limited (WBBEC)
  • South West Queensland Electricity Corporation Limited (South West Power)

Conducting a title search of a property through the Queensland Government’s titles office is the most accurate way to determine whether an easement is present on a property.

In some locations, power lines and other network infrastructure may be present on privately owned land but not accommodated within an easement. While formal referral is not triggered in these instances, the location of any electricity infrastructure located on the property must still be considered as part of the overall development.

Substation sites

In the context of planning and development, substation sites are premises larger than 50m2 that form part of Ergon Energy’s electricity supply network. These substations are used to change or regulate voltage, control electrical circuits or switch current between circuits.

Substation sites do not include pole mounted substations, transformers or voltage regulators or pad mounted substations or transformers.

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