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Dartmouth Street substation

Due to a levelling in the demand for electricity in the Scarness community, and development of other Ergon assets, the construction of the Dartmouth Street substation has been delayed. Ergon Energy will continue to monitor the need for the project and will inform the community once there is a need for the substation to be constructed.

Project facts

Proposed substation site

Ergon Energy has identified a site for a substation on the corner of Boat Harbour Drive and Dartmouth Street, just outside the Scarness boundaries.

Substation locations are based on a range of environmental, social, technical and financial considerations, but must be located on stable and level ground, above flood and storm surge levels and close to the existing electricity network.

A substation is not a power station and does not generate electricity. It is a distribution point to provide electricity to customers in an area.

Equipment within a substation transforms the electricity entering the station to lower voltages, manages the current or flow of electricity and switches electricity between the differing powerlines leaving the site. It ensures suitable quality and distribution of electricity for public use.

Construction of substations involves earthworks to prepare the site for foundations and the new equipment to be installed. Civil and electrical construction works follow for the buildings, steel structures and new electrical equipment.

Sub-transmission powerline construction

To operate effectively, a substation must be connected to the existing electricity network. In this case, an underground 66kV powerline, less than 1km long, will connect the Dartmouth Street Substation to the existing 66kV powerline between the Pialba and Torquay substations.

Ergon Energy proposes to construct this powerline on existing road reserves along Boat Harbour Drive and Denmans Camp Road (to Boundary Road), so no private property will have to be acquired from landowners.

Community consultation

Consultation with landowners and the community was undertaken late in 2010 and early in 2011.

Further consultation will occur once this project recommences.

Project contact details

For further information about the Dartmouth Street Substation project, please telephone 13 74 66 (7am - 5:30pm, Monday to Friday) or complete our project feedback form.

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