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Charlton substation

Project update

We are planning to install and commission a 33/11kV 10MVA skid substation by mid-2017 to cater for electricity load growth from the Charlton Wellcamp Enterprise area.  This is part of a staged development for the Charlton substation site.

As load in the area increases, it is expected there will be further development of the site to the ultimate 2 x 20MVA substation as originally planned.

A skid substation, constructed off site and transported ready to connect, is a cost effective option for the early stages of the Charlton substation development.  It’s currently in design phase, with construction starting in late 2016 and is planned to be fully operational by mid-2017.

Some landscaping on the street front will also be completed at this stage. The land has been designated for community infrastructure under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) in November 2013, for construction and operation of the Charlton substation.

Project background

We purchased a site for a 33/11 kilovolt (kV) substation to supply future electricity loads in the Charlton-Wellcamp area. The site is on the corner of Wirths and Meehan Roads at Charlton.

Project facts

  • The proposed substation site is located approximately 9km west of Toowoomba
  • As well as catering for ongoing load growth in the area, the substation will be designed to suport the development of the Charlton Wellcamp Enterprise Area
  • The proposed substation will increase the capacity of the network to accommodate the expected demands created by the Charlton Wellcamp Enterprise Area and surrounding service areas, as well as improve system reliability and quality of supply
  • The timetable for construction will depend on the development of the industrial zone.

Proposed Charlton substation site

Project contact details

For more information about this project, please contact us on:

Phone: 1300 855 054

Email: community@ergon.com.au

Online: Project feedback form

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