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Major projects

We are meeting the challenges of an ongoing growth environment with a $5.6 billion capital works investment taking place in the current five-year regulatory period from 2010-2015.

That is in addition to $1.9 billion that will be spent on maintenance, vegetation management and asset inspections over the same period.

This investment will deliver a significant increase in capacity available across the state and supports the continued economic growth and prosperity of regional Queensland, where booming industrial development, population growth and increasing air-conditioning loads continue to drive demand.

For more information view our Distribution Annual Planning Reports.

Community engagement

We recognise that various groups and individuals are impacted by our major projects and infrastructure developments. For this reason, we've adopted a model for early community impact assessment and community engagement for major projects when they are in the planning and delivery stages.

We've also developed a Community Engagement Framework (PDF 79.8 kb) that provides an overview of some of the key steps involved in our engagement processes. This framework is the result of the Queensland Government Election Commitment 44 and has been developed in conjunction with the Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS). It also highlights the different levels of community engagement that may be suitable for a major infrastructure project.

As a corporate member of The International Association for Public Participation, Australasia (IAP2), our engagement practices are aligned with IAP2s Core Values, Code of Ethics and Public Participation Spectrum.

View our service regions and depot map.

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Avoca substation

Ergon Energy is planning to develop a new substation at Avoca to meet the growing demand for power in that part of Bundaberg.

Blackwater to Emerald powerline replacement

Ergon Energy has identified the need to replace the existing 66,000 volt powerline between the Blackwater substation and Emerald substation to ensure a secure and reliable electricity supply for the Emerald community.

Burrum Heads substation

Ergon Energy has purchased a site for a substation to supply the future electricity needs of the Burrum Heads area.

Charlton substation

Ergon Energy has purchased a site for a 33/11kV zone substation to supply future electricity loads in the Charlton-Wellcamp area.

Dartmouth Street substation

Ergon Energy has identified the need for a new substation on the corner of Boat Harbour Drive and Dartmouth Street in Hervey Bay to meeting the growing demand for electricity.

Gracemere substation and powerline route

Ergon Energy has acquired land to build a new substation within Gracemere to provide a reliable power supply to the community and support future electricity needs of the region.

Kingaroy South substation

Ergon Energy has acquired a site for a new substation at Kingaroy South to meet the predicted growth in demand for power in the area.

Mackay Northern Suburbs power project

Ergon Energy is investing in the electricity network to provide an acceptable long-term power supply to Mackay’s Northern Suburbs.

Pandoin to Keppel power project

To meet the Capricorn Coast’s growing demand for electricity, Ergon Energy proposes to build a new substation and a powerline to supply electricity from the north of Rockhampton.

Pialba substation expansion

Ergon Energy has acquired additional land adjacent to the existing Pialba substation to expand the substation and provide safe, secure and reliable power supply to the surrounding community in the future.

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