Past Distribution Annual Planning Reports

Read our past Distribution Annual Planning Reports (DAPR) for a detailed insight into our network planning and investment decision processes in previous years.

The DAPR covers a rolling five year planning cycle and has been prepared to comply with National Electricity Rules (NER) clause 5.13.2 and the Queensland's Electricity Industry Code clause 2.3.

2020 DAPR documents

Our Distribution Annual Planning Report for 2020-25 (PDF 5.3 mb) and the DAPR Summary for 2020-25 (PDF 12.1 mb).

The 2020 Appendicies are as follows.

Network forecasts

The following forecasts are linked within the DAPR document and within the interactive limitations map. They are provided here for quick reference and download.

Network limitations and proposed solutions

Limitations and proposed solutions in the Distribution System Limitation Template (DAPR Template).

Substation committed projects

Annual Reports
Documents Published
Substation Limitations and Committed Solutions (MS Excel Document, 29.4 KB) 22 Dec 2020

Substation asset replacement projects

Annual Reports
Documents Published
Asset Replacement Projects (MS Excel Document, 28.9 KB) 23 Dec 2020

Previous DAPR documents

Annual Reports
Documents Published
Distribution Annual Planning Report 2019 - 2024 (PDF File, 5.4 MB) 29 Jan 2020
Distribution Annual Planning Report 2019 - 2024 Summary (PDF File, 1.8 MB) 12 Mar 2020
Distribution Annual Planning Report 2018 - 2023 (PDF File, 4.6 MB) 20 Jun 2019

Further enquiries

If you have an enquiry about any of our Distribution Annual Planning Reports, please email us.